The Aquabats: "Serious Awesomeness"

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Those crazy superhero ska band have released a DVD, which I think has been been in the works for a few years now. But it’s finally out now which is just…awesome. 2 Discs of Fun and Goofiness! Disc 1 features 12 songs like “Super Rad,” “Play Dough,” “Red Sweater,” “Pool Party,” Story of Nothing” and some more from their newer albums. The show was recorded in February of 2003 in Pomona CaliFORNia. Before and After songs, The Aquabats do some skits with some bad guys, fight them, defeat them, and go back into playing bouncy ska rock. Also during their set, they show some hilarious commercial spoofs about the Aquabats and the toys that they sell like the Aquabats pudding Dispenser belt. “I like Chocolate!”

I never saw a good version of the music video “Super Rad”, I remember it vaguely from streaming music video websites but now you have it on decent quality on the DVD. The video is hilarious and just plain fun! If I’m not mistaken, I do believe I see Ed Begley Jr. make a cameo appearance. There’s also a music video for “CD Repo Man” and the video consist of various live shots of them playing. I kind of wish they had that song in the set list for both disc because this is the only spot you see or hear it. That’s kind of my only complaint is they have mostly the same songs on disc 2 but they are in different outfits in different venues. Big Whoop, you got a DVD, give us every song you ever did like how the Bouncing Souls did it with their DVD release. You guys record ever show, you’re bound to have a good performance of your other songs as well. I kind of wished they had a Warped Tour live shot on there because when I saw them back in ’98 (I think), the Bat Commander was doing flips on top of the trailer stage that they were playing on and jumped off the damn thing into the crowd. That was awesome and should have been included on the DVD if that was even documented. I’m sure he did it elsewhere.

But Overall, this DVD is very entertaining and fun to watch. It made me break out their older albums and listen to them. Hopefully they’ll have a new album out soon, it’s been awhile, almost 3 years now I think.

Disc 1:
n- Live Show 2003 (Live in Pomona, Feb. 2003)
n- A Band called the Aquabats
n- Super Rad music video
n- Cd Repo Man Music Video

Disc 2:
n- Sweet Clips That Rip (Various live shots of songs)




Favorite Scenes: The Aquabats performing Martian Girl, Cat with 2 Heads, Powered Milk Man, Play Dough, Red Sweater and Super Rad
Rating: NR
Running Time: 180 minutes
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