The IT Crowd: The Complete Third Season

DVD Reviews | Sep 19th, 2009

Starring: Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Matt Berry
Created By: Graham Linehan
Studio: MPI
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The latest season of the IT Crowd is quickly out on DVD and American fans of the hilarious UK show can watch all 3 seasons back to back now! I haven’t seen this season yet so I was really looking forward to it. I have to say, if you thought the other 2 seasons were outrageous, wait ‘til you see season 3!

Season 3 begins with the episode “From Hell.” Roy visits Jen’s apartment and recognizes the builder that’s working on her flat (apartment). He was featured on the TV show Builders From Hell, and once urinated in someone’s sink or tub. Jen gets worried that is the same guy and starts to videotape the guy. Meanwhile, Moss gets bullied by a bunch of high school thugs in the streets and Roy gives him tips on how to fight back. The second episode sees the guys from IT trying to be manly men. They find a football (soccer) talking website that teaches them cockney hooligan phrases. They decide to test it out in a pub and become friends with a bunch of manly football hooligans. Only bad news is they end up being bank robbers and Roy & moss get caught up in the middle of it. Other storylines in the 3rd season include Jen interviewing for a new position but she doesn’t know what IT stands for, Jen gets employee of the month award and Roy & Moss try to humiliate her when she asks for help with her speech, and the IT department joins the addicting social website “Friendsface.” The final episode is by far the funniest episode of the season, if not the series. Roy decides to help out the 7th floor with computer problems. Conveniently, they are all hot female co-workers. All the girls decide that they should do a nude calendar for the victims of bosseyedness (crossed-eyed) and they pick Roy as the photographer. It’s the perfect dream for Roy, only Jen gets in the way and makes things tough for Roy. The end result is hilarious, just watch and find out what happens!

Each episode was hysterical and had me laughing out loud a lot. I originally thought the second season was the best but the third season definitely is the funniest. Honestly, each season is funny and offers enough laughs that you won’t be disappointed at all. I wish the seasons were longer but that’s the way things are done over in the UK. It doesn’t sound like the 4th season will be any longer; it might be even shorter. That’s what Graham Linehan told me on Twitter. Either way, I’ll be happy just to get more new episodes.

Chris O’Dowd owned this season! He had the funniest situations happen to him (The bank robbery stuff, being considered homeless, and the photography thing at the end of the season). Of course I still find Moss the most hilarious character on the show but Roy had his best moments in season three. Richard Ayoade needs to be in more comedies, especially ones that Americans can see as well. Matt Berry, who plays the sex crazed Douglas Reynholm, definitely had more to do this season. His character is just so eccentric that you can’t help but laugh at everything he says. Katherine Parkinson is the sanest character on the show but her best moments this season included her trying to figure out what IT meant and her “speech” showing off the Internet.

“Are We Not Men?” and “Calendar Geeks” were the best episodes of the season, but the others were great as well. I’m glad they made fun of Facebook and MySpace with the “Friendface” episode. I loved when Moss was complaining about his Mother being on there. I think most people who aren’t parents have to deal with their parents on there. And have to deal with people who you didn’t talk to in high school, and they are trying to talk to you now. They address things like that in episode. I wonder if they will have an episode about Twitter in Season 4?

The bonus features for the DVD include audio commentary, a set tour, deleted scene or 2, outtakes and the original animatic title sequence. The set tour was pretty cool because you find out all these things that are in the set. All these things that geeks will love, but a lot of the stuff is donated from artists, and people that work at computer museums. Who knew a computer museum existed. I wish I owned that Guy Fawkes mask. The deleted scene I liked was Roy trying to pick up a woman in the bar, and she was plastered. Some guys wouldn’t like that but Roy likes it because it’s an easy score. It’s a funny scene; I just suck at explaining it. The outtakes were good, it’s various clips of the actors giggling and messing up their lines. I think if I was there, I’d be giggling my ass off and wouldn’t be able to do my lines. But I guess that’s one reason why I’m not an actor.

This season of IT Crowd was hilarious and if you haven’t seen the series yet, be sure to start at the beginning. Each season offers up lots of laughs but the third season is the best season to date.

Audio Commentary With Graham Linehan
An Interview With Graham Set Tour
Deleted Scenes
Original Title Sequence Animatic

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Bottom Line: Hilarious UK comedy that keeps getting better and better
Rating: NR
Running Time: 137 mins
Extras Rating:
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