The Simpsons: The Complete 9th Season

DVD Reviews | Jan 27th, 2007

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Starring Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer
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Studio: 20th Century Fox
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Many people see this Simpsons’ season as the start of its decline. I can see why people might think that BUT there’s still plenty of great episodes on this season. I think around 11th season is when the series started to get stale and played out. Hopefully the movie will rejuvenate my love for the series but for now, I get to enjoy past seasons on DVD.

This DVD contains all 25 episodes from season 9 of the Simpsons! There are some episode in here that you’re sure to remember & love. I know there’s plenty of episodes I didn’t think were in season 9 but low and behold, they are! For instance, I thought the Simpsons’ first episode of the season, ‘The City of New York vs Homer Simpson’ was in an earlier season. That episode was pulled from syndication after 9/11, because most of the episode takes place at the Twin Towers. That episode is about Homer having to go retrieve his car in Manhattan because Barney went on a drunken binder there. So Homer has to go there and pay for all the parking tickets, and the car happens to be right between the Towers. Other season 9 episodes are about: The real Seymour Skinner comes back to Springfield, Homer decides to buy a gun, Apu gets married, Marge sells real estate, Bart & homer become carnies, Krusty tries a different approach to comedy, Bart is forces to hang out with Ralph Wiggum, Homer runs for sanitation commissioner of Springfield, and Homer gets buff and climbs a giant ass mountain to prove to Bart he’s not a loser. So as you can see, there’s plenty of great episodes this season!

While I don’t think this season was as strong as season 8, there were still a lot of funny episodes. I think the most notable episode of the season was “King of the Hill,” and that’s when Homer climbs the Murderhorn. It was a well-written episode, and it was a nice change to see Homer caring how he looked. He didn’t want to be a fat slob anymore but obviously that didn’t last long. Other episodes I felt were really strong were the episodes: The City of New York vs Homer Simpson and Trash of the Titans. Trash of the Titans has hilarious moments like Homer getting his ass kicked at a U2 concert, and you see everything on the Jumbo-tron while “In The Name of Love” is playing. Or whatever that name is for that song (I hate U2 so I don’t know). Of course there are some episodes I didn’t like this season, especially the clip show episode “All Singing, all Dancing.” As soon as the family start to sing, I have to turn it off because it’s just too annoying. Some of the storylines this season were a little different, and out there; but it’s the subtle jokes & sight gags that make most of the episodes still watchable. I liked how this season you got to know some of the smaller secondary characters more like Apu, Ralph Wiggum, and even Moe. You even get to see The Crazy old Lady who throws cats for the first time!

Each DVD that the Simpsons have, there are funny DVD menus and I like to leave them on to see what happens. This time, everyone waits outside to get into a club. Homer tries all these different ways of getting in like becoming the Elephant Hindu god. Definitely don’t overlook the menus because they are quite funny. For extras, there’s audio commentary on each episode, a U2 featurette, deleted scenes, illustrated commentaries, commercials, sketches and a lot more! Also, there’s a short storyboard scene of Homer & Marge from the Simpsons movie on disc one. It looks pretty funny, hopefully the whole movie is.

The Simpsons may not be as funny (or funny at all) now but at least fans of the the long-running animated series can enjoy the past seasons on DVD. This Season isn’t as good as Season 8 but its still got a lot of funny episodes. I’m curious to see what episodes are on Season 10 and still looking forward to watching that as well.

A Special Introduction from Matt Groening
Audio Commentaries on Every Episode with Creator Matt Groening and Executive Producers Mike Scully, Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, David Mirkin, Al Jean and Mike Reiss, Joined by Writers, Actors and Directors
A Moment with U2 Featurette
Deleted Scenes with Commentary
Illustrated Commentaries
Multi-Angle Animation Showcases
Original Sketches
Special Language Feature
Collector Cards
The Simpsons Movie Sneak Peek and a Whole Lot More!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
SPANISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
FRENCH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Standard 1.33:1 Color

English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: City of New York vs Homer Simpson, King of the Hill, Trash of the Titans, Treehouse, Bart Star, Lisa the Skeptic, Das Bus,This Little Wiggy
Rating: NR
Running Time: 570 minutes
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