Walt Disney Treasures (Wave 3)

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and a bunch of other cartoon characters
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Studio: Disney / Buena Vista
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This is Wave 3 of Walt Disney Collections of cartoons shorts, tv programs, educational films and I wish I got Waves 1 & 2 before they stopped selling them. Film critic Leonard Malton hosts these DVDs and gives his take on each DVD and almost every cartoon short as well. This collection, I believe, is sold separately but I’m gonna try to review them as a whole. These DVDs are just plain excellent. It doesn’t get any better than this. There’s so much stuff on here that I only had a chance to watch a a litte bit so far.

The first DVD treasures I watched was the Chronological Donald Vol. 1 which shows a good portion of Donald Duck cartoon shorts raging from the 1930s to the 1940s. The newer cartoon shorts from the 40s-50s is the period I like from Walt Disney cartoons the most. I grew up watching those more than the older cartoons, probably because that’s what the Disney Channel aired more. My favorite Disney characters are Chip and Dale so I hope they get their own DVD soon, but then again, they usually starred with the other major characters. I also like Donald Duck a lot because I could relate to him. We both have incredible tempers, and we both have webbed feet. Well no, I don’t have webbed feet but I certainly have a bad temper like Donald. hehe. I think as the cartoons aged, the grumpier he got. The newer the episodes are, the cleaner they look on the DVD. Ones from the 40s and 50s definitely have better quality than the earlier episodes. There’s a lot of shorts on here but I’ll probably like Volume 2 even better since those cartoons are more funnier and enjoyable.

The Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. 2 set was awesome! A lot of stuff I remember watching when I was a lil’ kid, like Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The quality for that is excellent and just a joy to watch, though it kind of sucks that’s it almost summer right now haha. Watching that was an annual Christmas tradition I had. The classic Sorcerer’s Apprentice is on here as well, and I don’t really need to tell you about it because it’s just. Classic. If you haven’t seen it seperately or in Fantasia, then you should never watch any cartoon ever again until you do! There’s lots of great shorts on here that made Mickey Mouse an icon like “” “The Prince and Pauper” and “Mickey and the Beanstalk.” I think I enjoyed this one out of all the Wave 3 collection.

Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland is a collection of “Disneyland TV” shows that Walt Disney himself hosted, and this DVD definitely shows his interest in astronomy, and everything having to do with outerspace. These are presented in black and white, but there’s some scenes where color shows up. The shows mix animation sequences over the live footage to demonstrate certain things that they are trying to get across. It works really well. I watched 2 shows out of this bunch, which was Man in Space and Epcot. Man in Space was very interesting to watch, since this was recorded in the early stages of space travel and it was intriguing to see what they thought was going to happen in the future. It was also informative and explains stuff in great details. The other one I watched was the uncut version of the development of Epcot. But this plan was different from what actually got built in Orlando, Florida. Epcot was going to be this centralized city with a giant building in the middle (not a silver golf ball), and smaller buildings around it. There wouldn’t be cars on the top level, but on the second lower level, and trucks on the third lower level. I’ve been saying that for years that trucks should have their own road and get the hell off the road i’m on! The city would expand outward and have apartment buildings and houses, parks, schools and churches. Ahh, can’t leave out those pesky religious people. haha. Everyone that lives and works in the city would have to travel by monorail or wed way people mover and you can’t use a car on the upper level. If you want to use a car on the weekends, you had to use a separate side road away from schools and such. Disney seemed very optimistic and passionate about this huge project, which still might be a cool idea to do. I believe Disney created a town near Disney World but it’s some what different than this.

The last DVD of the limited edition series that I checked out was the Walt Disney on the Front Lines. Front Lines contains RARE, 32 short cartoons that were made to support the troops and allies in W.W.II and help bring awareness in wining the war. A lot of the shorts were recently declassified training, propaganda and educational films created shortly after Pearl Harbor happened. The U.S. Army took over Walt Disney Studios or were “dedicated to the patriotic cause of winning World War II.” So yeah took over their studios. This DVD set also contains the full length film “Victory Through Air Power.” Watching some of these videos is kind of disturbing. I mean, Nazis and the Germans are brutal savage assholes back then but just having the Disney characters holding weapons and stuff in the shorts is just not right. But I guess that’s why they are rare to begin with. These aren’t exactly politically correct. But there is some that were not really harmful, just like Donald joining the army or navy and getting into trouble.

These are limited edition so you better go out and get these if you like Disney Animation & stuff from Disney because it won’t be available for long. I’m always trying to get up early certain days and watch Ink and Paint club on the Disney Channel to see some of these shorts, but now that some are on DVD, I won’t have to. I highly recommend this!

DVD 1: Walt Disney On The Front Lines:
– Introduction
– From The Vault
– Propaganda & Entertainment Subjects
– Educational Shorts
– Victory Through Air Power
– Training Shorts
– On The Set of “Victory Through Air Power”
– Galleries
– Conversations With Disney Legends

DVD 2: The Chronological Donald Volume 1
– Introduction
– Short Subjects
– Publicity and Memorabilia Gallery
– Storyboard and Background Gallery
– The Man Behind The Duck: Clarence “Ducky” Nash

DVD 3: Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2
– Introduction
– Short Subjects
– “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
– Deleted Animation from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
– Mickey and the Beanstalk
– Mickey’s Christmas Carol
– The Prince and the Pauper
– Runaway Brain
– Mickey’s Cartoon Comeback
– The Voice Behind The Mouse
– Mouse Mania
– Mickey on the Camera Stand
– Mickey Meets the Maestro
– Color Titles From Mickey Mouse Club
– Making of Mickey’s Christmas Carol
– Art Galleries

DVD 4: Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland
– Introduction
– Man in Space
– Man and the Moon
– Mars and Beyond
– Eyes in Outer Space
– Our Friend the Atom
– Epcot
– The Optimistic Futurist
– Marty Sklar, Walt and Epcot
– Tons of Galleries




Favorite Scenes: I love Donald Duck cartoons, and I love the Mickey Mouse newer cartoons, plus I used to watch Christmas Carol every Xmas time. The Epcot episode on the Tomorrowland DVD was interesting to watch.
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