Wings: The Complete Sixth Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 27th, 2008

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Starring Tim Daly, Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard, Thomas Haden Church, Rebecca Schull, Tony Shalhoub, David Schramm, Amy Yasbeck
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Studio: Paramount
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Only two more seasons to go with Wings but I’m enjoying each DVD set immensely! I probably keep saying this but Season 6 may be the strongest Wings season ever! It has a lot of funny episodes, and all of the characters are at their comedic peak I think. To me, each season of Wings got funnier and funnier to the very end.

Wings is about a small group of people that work at the Nantucket airport and centers around Joe & Brian Hackett (Tim Daly, Steven Weber). It’s also about all their funny & crazy characters that they are friends with and work with. Season 6’s biggest storyline is about Joe and Helen getting engaged and at the end of the season, getting married after all these years of their roller coaster relationship. The other big storyline involves Helen’s pretty & divorced sister Casey (Amy Yasbeck), who pays a visit to Nantucket. She then ends up living with Helen for the remainder of the season and then at Brian’s house. Meanwhile, Brian is trying to get over Alex leaving him; Tony has a big-time crush on Casey and only gargles when he tries to talk with her. Joe gets another freaky visit from psychopath Sandy Cooper, Lowell becomes a metal sculptor for a day and Roy orders a bride from Russia. All these wacky storylines makes this season a fantastic one!

If I remember correctly, this was the season I started to watch Wings. I remember seeing the Joe & Helen on the elevator scene first and then I was immediately hooked. My friend kept talking about the show so I decided to check it out and now it’s one of my favorite sitcoms of all-time. I just love the cast of this show, and it gets better this season with the addition of Amy Yasbeck. She brought a new element of the show, and is also something nice to look at as well. Lowell and Antonio are probably the funniest they’ve been in this season, and I’m kind of dreading when Lowell leaves. He played the dumb, eccentric mechanic so well so when he leaves (I think next season), the show doesn’t feel the same. I just loved the subplot of Antonio trying to get the nerve to talk to Casey all season. Every time, he had this great line or scheme to talk to her; but when he finally gets his chances, he simply just mumbles incoherently. I loved the last 2 episodes because that’s when Brian and Casey hook up, and then hook up some more, and more, etc. It’s just really funny how they don’t want to do that, but then up being the biggest hornballs going. Next season has a lot of that as well, especially part of that is when they burn down Joe & Helen’s house but we can talk about that next season’s DVD.

If you love Wings as much as I do, then you’ll be smart to get these DVDs. Even if there aren’t any extras on these DVDs, they are still worth buying. This season was probably the best season of Wings, even though the majority of the seasons are better than anything that’s currently on TV as far as comedy sitcoms are concerned.


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Favorite Scenes: Whose Wife is it Anyway, Is That a Ten Foot Sandwich…, Miss Jenkins, The Wrong Stuff, She’s…Back, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Ex Lies and Videotape, A House To Die For, Boys Just Wanna Have Fun, Here It Is: The Big Wedding
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Running Time: 591 minutes
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