Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Activision
Platform: Playstation 2
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I never played Call of Duty on the PC before, but now it’s available on Playstation 2 and XBOX. If you love war games (no not the Matthew Broderick movie), then you’ll love this game.

Call of Duty takes place during World War II and you can play different parts of the war, and play different characters as the game progresses. You don’t have a choice to pick which character you want, but eventually you can play a Russian, a British and an American soldier. You have to follow a set storyline to get further in the game. The game starts off with 24’s Dennis Haybsert narrated and the game eventually gets started. Also Brian Johnson from AC/DC leads his vocals for the lead British character. You start off as a young Russian soldier on a boat filled with other soldiers. You see guys jumping off the ships, fleeing for their lives but get shot by their superiors. You’re not allowed to desert or you’ll be shot so you must continue on. Another thing that happens right off the bat is you don’t have a weapon. You must follow someone that does, while you carry ammo. Like that’s gonna hurt the enemy. “Take that bad guy {throws ammo at them}.” The scene is pretty much lifted from the movie Enemy of The Gates, with Jude Law. Your character eventually gets a weapon and then it’s shoot em time! The game isn’t just about shooting because you must know when to maneuver around things, and know when to duck or crawl.

I think the game is really fun to play, but it’s freakin’ hard. I’m still only on the second level and can’t get passed it. You have to flank up a bunker hill and it’s almost impossible for me. I usually get to a decent spot but then I get my ass killed. Which means I have to start the level all over again. It’s kind of annoying to start levels so far away when you die. I wished you could have saved the game anywhere you like, so it makes it easier for me. I’ve even tried looking on the internet for cheats or walk-through’s, and even those people say the level is a pain in the ass. So it looks like i’ll be on that level for awhile since I seem to suck at the game. I thought I was doing good til I got to that point. I guess that’s a positive thing, that the game is hard and challenging. I’m depressed that I can’t beat it because the rest of the Call of Duty looks great! I want to be able to play other missions, and kill some more Nazis. I want to be able to drive around some tanks and blow crap up!

As far as the game is concerned, I think the graphics are awesome and very realistic. Another realistic thing, is the way the character reloads the gun, it’s really slow. It’s not like other shoot-em-up games where the reloads are quick, and you can go through many rounds at once. The guns i’ve been using, only have like 5 shots per round. Maybe that’s why I’m sucking at the second level so much. I need to find a better gun. I also like how you can crawl and walk low with your character. you have to do that in the trenches or you’ll die quicker. It might take you longer to get where you’re going but you gotta do what you gotta do. The soundtrack is really good but I hate it when I have to repeat the same level, and have to hear the same music over and over. But I guess that’s my own fault.

Overall, the game is hard to play but lots of fun. The battle scenes are intense, it just sucks I can’t beat the damn second level. Someone help a brother out and give me some cheat codes! But anyway, if you like Call of Duty games on the PC and want to play new characters and levels on a console, go out and get this. You can also play multi-player and against people online. I haven’t tried that out though. I recommend this!

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: I like how you can play certain missions as a Russian, British and American soldier. The realistic battles and gunplay of the game also makes it appealing to me.
Overall Rating: