Destroy All Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed

Game Reviews | May 18th, 2008

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Company: THQ
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action
Rating: T
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The first Destroy All Humans! was a fluffy, fun title that tapped into a basic need that gamers had never experienced before virtually — giving terrified humans anal probes until their heads explode.

A couple of sequels later, and the DAH formula remains with the Law of Diminishing Returns applied. You return as Crypto to gather more DNA, and you have the same missions and repetitive enemies (nondescript local cops, army men, and government agents). You get the feeling you’ve done this all before, and the addition of a Big Willy mech and a generic 70s motif aren’t enough to distinguish this game.

Like any franchise whose biggest draw is to destroy a city and its civilians but doesn’t offer much else, it’s worth renting or picking up on the cheap to kill a few hours casually. If over $20, though, you’re better off sticking to the PS2 predecessors – they’re funnier (gotta love zapping hippies in the last game), and you don’t have to accommodate the Wiimote’s finicky controls.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects:
Cheats: On the Unlockables menu, hold the nunchuck analog stick up for a few seconds and a cheat window should appear. Enter directional commands on the Wiimote D-pad.

Up, Right, Down, Right, Up: Unlock all game worlds
Right, Left, Down, Left, Up: “Lots Of Guns”
Left, Down, Up, Right, Up: Can’t Be Killed
Right, Left, Right, Left, Up: Crypto Dance Fever Skin
Right, Up, Up, Left, Right: Infinite Ammo
Right, Right, Up, Left, Left: Infinite Jetpack
Left, Up, Down, Up, Down: Kluckin’s Chicken Blimp Skin
Up, Right, Down, Down, Left: Stealth Space Ninja
Left, Left, Up, Right, Down: Unlimited Big Willy Battery
Overall Rating: