Dynasty Warriors 3

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Koei
Platform: XBox and PS2
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What’s it about? Since I have yet to pick up Dynasty Warrior 4, I’ll review 3. The game takes place in China around 200 AD. You are a warrior in a full-scale war that takes place all over the country. You choose sides and build your way up the ranks of the military ladder while trying to defeat the opposing armies.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: You can jump right into the game and just start stomping on bad guys. The game is a strategy game, but not like strategy games of old where you point, click, and wait ten minutes for the outcome to be decided. It’s more like an arcade style strategy game where you can roam about the levels freely but you still have to complete missions and find certain items. The graphics are well done, but the music is lacking. Some ugly things about the game are that some of the missions are lengthy and the game can get repetitive. The game is two players so when you add a second player to the fray, the game doesn’t seem so repetitive. Bonus!

Replay Value: If you don’t have a second player to play with, you could possibly get sick of the game fairly quick. There are a lot of weapons, items, and hidden characters in the game though. But get a partner it’s always more fun with two.

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