Karaoke Revolution

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Konami
Platform: Playstation 2
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You like singing? Then why not see if you got what it takes with Karaoke Revolution! This game would be great for American Idol hopefuls, in that they can try it out here first before embarrassing themselves in public and on national television. The PS2 game comes with a headset that you plug into the USB port of your Playstation. You can put the headset’s mic on either the right or left part of your face to sing into.

You can sing up to 35 songs on this game. Music ranges from Nickelback to Madonna to Aretha Franklin to UB40. There’s a lot more songs than that obviously, but there is mostly new music on here. A lot of that type of music I don’t know, so I always try to chose stuff from the 80s and earlier songs. You can also buy expansion packs and put more songs into the game which is a great idea. Once you’re sick of the old songs, go out and get some more.

The game judges your singing ability by how well you can sing a note and stay in tune. If you even mumble the word you’re supposed to sing, and as long as you keep that note and stay in-key, you’ll still be judged well. There’s several levels of difficulty you can put it on, and since I suck real bad at singing, I put the game on easy. The judges are the crowd of people watching you, and if you suck, you’ll get booed off the stage and the game will be over. That’s actually funny to see sometimes. People just walking out. Let’s just say that happened to me more than once. But I did score real well for singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

You can pick different characters to sing the songs, and you even customize the characters, facial features, clothes to make it look like you if you want. The graphics are okay, nothing really special. I’m sure my friend who worked on the motion capturing of this game will love to hear that from me but whatever, haha. The characters sing when you sing into the mic, and move around like real people. There’s 2 featurettes on this game that you can watch and see how they do things which is interesting. I like when video games show behind the scenes stuff.

I definitely feel like a loser playing this game by myself so this is the type of game where you should play with a bunch of friends at a party. This is a very good idea, but I can see where the novelty will get stale quickly. Still worth checking out though if you like to sing.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: I like the variety of songs you can sing, and you can buy expansion packs and get more songs if you don’t like the ones they offer.
Overall Rating: