Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Activision
Platform: Playstation
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Just when you thought Tony Hawk’s games were awesome already, Activision releases Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and blows the previous games out of the water!

The game has a ton of new features that the previous TH versions didn’t have, and there is more interaction for the gamer. For starters, there’s 2 different game modes: Story mode, and the classic mode comes back this time around. I believe the first THUG was just story mode. THUG2′ Story mode is about 2 skater teams on the World Destruction Tour, Tony Hawk’s team, and Jackass/Viva La Bam’s Bam Margera’s team. Both teams compete to win the tour, with plenty of goofing off along the way.

You can play as a bunch of different characters and do lots of interesting & cool things that you couldn’t do in the other games. You can be special guest characters like Jesse James of Monster Garage and ride along in this 2 wheeled, supped up IT. I think the running on foot is a great feature, and since I barely played THUG1, I didn’t know you could do that. You can smash the crap out of your board when you mess up, climb up buildings, spray paint stuff on walls and a bunch more that I haven’t discovered yet. It’s taking me awhile to get used to the tricks again since I haven’t played Underground, or the other versions in a long time. So the first few times I played this game, I was falling down like crazy. But eventually you get the hang of it and start doing some awesome tricks. Anyone not familiar with the Tony Hawk games, should know that the game first started as the classic mode but eventually evolved into something else.

I actually like the classic mode version better. You have to do as many goals as possible under 2 minutes. Some of the goals consist of : high score which is fun because you just try to do as many tricks & combo tricks and add it all up to get the highest score. Then you can go around and try to spell out the word SKATE, or do a COMBO trick and that’s always a bitch to do. I can never do that goal for some reason. Probably the best goal to do is find the secret tape. It’s usually really high up in the air and looks impossible to get. But it wouldn’t be there if it was impossible. You just have to skate around, looking for ways to get the tape. Eventually, once you complete enough goals, you move onto a new level. That’s what keeps you hook on the game, trying to get to the next level and seeing what type of city and layout it is. This game is very addicting, but not so much like GTA is.

I forgot to mention the soundtrack. Each time the game is released, they expand their horizons even more and have a lot of eclectic bands and artists to listen to while gaming. You can hear songs from Johnny Cash, Less Than Jake, Metallica, Sugarhill Gang, 25 Ta Life, Atmosphere, Suicide Machines, The Casualties, Ministry, Handsome Boy Modeling School, The Disturbed and the Cut Chemist. PLUS lots more that I didn’t bother listing.

Some people might be thinking this is just another Tony Hawk game but they’re wrong because it’s so much better than the other games. The other games were fun, but THUG2 has a lot more new things to the game that will make this really enjoyable to play. DEFINITELY get Tony Hawk Underground 2 and thrash some phat moves yo! Did I sound hip or what? haha.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: I like how you can play story mode or classic mode. I like the slow motion effect move thing too. Playing guest characters is fun too!
Overall Rating: