Wizards and Warriors

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Acclaim
Platform: NES
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What’s it about? You take the role of Kuros, a knight who is given a mission. You must rescue the princesses who have been captured by the evil wizard Malkil. You must traverse rugged terrain and fight your way through many vicious enemies as you make your way to Malkil’s castle. You must rid the world of his evil.

Replay Value- This game has to be one of the easiest games in existence. It is also one of the most fun. In an era of near impossible Nintendo games like Ghost N Goblins or Blaster Master, Wizards and Warriors provided you with unlimited continues (!). When you are killed by enemies and need to continue, the game places you in the exact same spot where you were killed. Being that the game was this easy would be a turn off for some. That is if you liked your games unbeatable in the Nintendo era like most of them were and still are. Wizards and Warriors still provided you with exploration and adventure. On each level you had to seek out three keys and amass a certain number of gems to continue through the level. You could also collect certain items like the Battle Axe of Agor or the Cloak of Darkness, with certain items helping you clear the levels faster. Sure the games plot line really makes no sense, the enemies are outlandish, the names of the princesses are lame, and you can never die, but W&W was just very fun to play. It ranks as my favorite NES game of all time. I still find myself picking this game up today and playing through it. Ah nostalgia!

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