Bloodjinn @ Summerville, SC

Live Reviews | Jul 22nd, 2002

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Opening Bands: Purity’s Failure, Hyde-All Books
Date: July 22nd 2002
Venue: Summerville SC

Well, if you like stageless shows, S.C. is the place to be. While the rockstars play across town, the real show was about 20 miles away. This venue is a coffee/book store, so it is nice to get back to the VFW type shows. There was around 20 people at the show which was light to the stretch show across town.

Anyway, I got there a little late but was able to catch Purity’s Failure set. This Boston based foursome impressed me with songs like “cutting losses” and “200 stiches.” Their breakdowns are fast and loud, while most bands are jumping on the wave Purity’s Failure is on-point. Mike’s voice is solid and the band plays tough. Bottom line go see these guys. Next was Hyde, I had only heard two tracks of theirs but was pleased by the set they played.

Black Iris and Today I bleed were 2 songs I was about. The entire set was well maintained and the guys were very easy going. The singer has a unique voice and the band met in every breakdown and then shifted momentum a once it was very well put together set. Check out Vendetta Record’s HYDE. Bloodjinn, what can I say… I have seen these guys twice and have not been disappointed but I heard some new songs and was a little confused about the direction the band was going. So, they sang a little but the old stuff was solid. I support Bloodjinn and would go to see them again. If you like metal and want to dance go checkout any of these bands.


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