Hatebreed @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | Mar 26th, 1999

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Opening Bands: Puya, Candiria, Self Decay
Date: March 26th 1999
Venue: The Chance Poughkeepsie NY

A sold out hardcore show at The Chance in late march with an excellent line up of bands. First up, was Osiva. I liked them. I remember they played once before at a ska show and I couldn’t get into them just because it was a ska show. But this time they were heavy, and very good.

After was Self Decay. They sound like Hatebreed, and they too are very good. Kevin from Bulldoze was there in support of them. If no one knows who he is, well he is one big mother fucker who was in jail for sometime for killing a guy with a mic stand. Nice huh? This dude is huge. He was beating the shit out of all the kids in the pit. I’m glad I wasn’t there. I don’t know what it is with The Chance crowd but they don’t know how to dance. Some kids are good, but some are just plain shitty. Then there are the assholes that think they are tough, and punch the shit out of you when you are dancing, while they sit on the outside of the pit.

After Self Decay was this band I never heard of, Puya. But they sure kicked ass! They are from Puerto Rico and they play a brand of Hardcore/metal/Latino flava. I really like how they integrated those styles. I like how they would go into a breakdown, then stop, sing a slow part in spanish and then play some bongos and shit. That was really cool. I think they are playing the Ozzfest this year so check them out if ya want to be trendy and go see Rob Zombie and other nonsense. Anywho.

Candiria was up next. They are excellent. The lead singer brings metal/hardcore to a new level of rap and screaming his head off. They got the crowd going crazy. The singer mentioned that they were voted Top Ten Metal band of 1998 by Rolling Stone Magazine. I was disappointed that they didn’t play the one song I had a recording of in “Primary Obstacles.” They did play some new stuff, which will be out soon on cd. Finally, Hatebreed was up. They always put on a good show, and they were jumping around like a bunch of rock stars to the sell out chance crowd. They played like every song off “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.” PLus they played some older stuff off of “Under the Knife.” They really played great. The fans kept begging for some more, but Jaimie Hatebreed said they have new members and they don’t know all the songs yet. So the Show ended. Overall, an excellent show.


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