Mephiskapheles @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | By on Jul 1st, 1998

Opening Bands: Sgt Scagnetti, Cooter, Schematics, Styrofunk
Date: ?
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY

Another Meph. show to go to and this one should be good because Brendog was nice enough to put us on the guestlist. We get to the Chance and it has a decent amount of people there; so we do the most common thing and cut in line. We got in and went straight to Sgt. Scagnetti table to get their new full length. Anyway, we bought that CD and I bought another Meph patch so I can put it on my jacket that I’m making.

The first band was a band from Poughkeepsie( or near there) and they were called The Schematics. I thought they played well; it seemed like it was there first show but who the hell knows. I thought they played good and the crowd seemed to like them. The trumpet player used to be in the local band called Lettuce Boy.

The next band was Styrofunk and they played all right. I liked one or two songs. The band after that was Sgt. Scagnetti and they simply kicked ass! I was up front singing the songs that I knew. They haven’t played the Chance for like a year. hey started off with a hippie intro with flowers and other hippie shit going around the club and they all came out with sun glasses. Then they played “Sideshow.” After that was “Family Fun Four Pack,”(I think). They also played “Hellspawn,” and the song about fucking dead people, “Necromance.” After that they played “Dirt Bike Kid,” and they finished with a song called “Cook.” They played extremely well in front of the semi-large crowd. After them was Cooter and I didn’t really pay attention because I was walking around the club so…

Finally, Mephiskapheles came on and played there usual opener “Center of..” ever since we asked Brendog to play that song, they seem to play it a lot…after that was “Break Your Ankle Punk.” The bass player, Mike is really good on bass. I see Mephiskapheles as musicians instead just a ska band; they really know they music and play the instruments great. Anyway, the next song was “Bad John,” and after that “Satan on the Beach.” Other songs that they played on the new album was “Foursome,” “Sate,” “Snack Pack.” They played “Rankin n’ File,” “Hard Times” in between those songs. They played another crowd pleaser “Bumble bee Tuna.” They also played a new song called “Tit.” While Meph. was playing, I was taking pictures and the bouncer said “Let me see that.” And I said “why, are you going to take it away.” and then he said “Nahhh, let me see. and then he took a picture of me in the crowd smiling like a little girl. And after that I said thanks to the bouncer. Other songs that they played on the new album were “Plan B,” and one of they heavier songs, “Scram.” What would a Meph. show be without a fifteen minute drum solo by Wayne. I think his solos get longer and longer each time I see them. After that drum solo, they played one of my favorite songs on the new album “Bad Toupee.” I don’t know how Wayne can play right after that his solos; I wouls be freakin’ tired. The last two songs that they played were other crowd pleasers and they were “Saba,” and my favorite song of theirs “Doomsday.” They then came out for an encore and played “Mephiskapheles.” Meph. played pretty good and the show was worth while seeing.


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