Shiragirl @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Live Reviews | Aug 26th, 2008

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Date: August 13th 2008
Venue: Irving Plaza, NYC

If you’ve ever been to the Warped Tour, there’s no doubt that you saw a band on the most rockinist, DIY stage that exists: The Shiragirl Stage. If you were lucky enough, you might have had the opportunity to see the stage’s namesake, Shiragirl.

Opening up for Rancid on their fourth night at NYC’s Irving Plaza, the girls did not disappoint. Like a burst of energy, Shira (vocals) commanded the stage like a seasoned veteran. She was at ease on stage, and made no bones about jumping into the crowd and climbing onto the Irving Plaza speakers to look down on the dazzled crowd below. The band, equally as skilled, provided the perfect backdrop for her dynamic presence. Even though Shiragirl were enlisted to be the openers for Rancid this night, the band didn’t get the memo, because they killed it like they were the headliners. A 0

They showcased songs from their forthcoming album, “Scream Spit Sing.” Songs including Anthem, Days, and Tantrum are sure to leave you singing along afterwards. Those lucky enough to meet up with the band at their merch table, would have snagged a complimentary advance preview of the album as an added bonus to remember their set. Do yourself a favor and check out Shiragirl, they might be a band of girls, but they’re certainly not your typical girl band.

To catch the Shiragirl bug for yourself, you can see them in NYC at ABC No Rio on September 6th and opening up for NOFX on October 15th at Irving Plaza.


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