Ska Against Racism @ Roseland, NYC

Live Reviews | Mar 28th, 1998

Ska Against Racism

Opening Bands: Less Than Jake, Toasters, Kemuri, Edna’s Goldfish, Five Iron Frenzy, Mu330, Bruce Lee Band
Date: March 28th, 1998
Venue: Roseland, NYC

It’s Thurs. afternoon and we are supposed to be in class. Oh well, it’s worth it. We headed to Roseland in New York City. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip without waiting in traffic on the West Side Highway. So Edna’s Goldfish told us it was opening earlier than the 5:15pm time so we got there early and it was still opening around 5’ish. We hung out in the rain and chatted with Edna’s Goldfish briefly. I was disappointed to find out they were only playing twenty minutes and other bands only got a half hour.

Anyways, we got in and Edna’s Goldfish promptly started. They started off with “Just Less” and they were rocking, jumping around on the big stage. They played other songs like “Eventually, Anyway,” “Veronica Sawyer,” and “I’m your density.” Towards the middle of their short set, they played “Purple,” to be joined with Coolie Ranx, ex-toaster and now member of the Pilfers. Well that was cool he came out to jam with Edna’s Goldfish. I’ve seen him come out with them before, but this time was it was a special event.

After Edna’s Goldfish, was the Bruce Lee Band. This band was tentatively set up as Mike Park, ex-Skankin Pickle, and Mu330. Less Than Jake usually plays with Mike Park but they were headlining so I guess they were too good for Mike. I thought they were one of the best bands to play, personally. They started off with “You don’t know,” a chinkees song that Mike Park now performs in. I really like this song and I heard it before because I bought their 7 inch and now it’s on their full length. They also played Skankin Pickle songs like “Missed the Bus,” “Onyonghasayo,” and “I’m in love with a Girl name Spike.” I didn’t stop dancing the whole time. Also they played Bruce Lee Band songs but I couldn’t remember what songs they played.

Up next, was Kemuri. I liked these guys from Japan. They started off with “New Generation.” That’s the only song I knew from them. I thought the band members were cool because they were jumping around all over the place with colorful army camoflauge. Next was Mu330. They opened up with “Now,” and continued to play their better songs like “La,” ” Tune Me Out,” “Ireland,” “Got Caught,” and “Stuff.” Then all these kids thought they could mosh at a ska show, so I took it upon myself to go in there and start swinging. Not the dance. That ought to teach them a lesson. Well I just went back to skanking. Mu330 finished their set off with “Hoosier Love.”

Next, Five Iron Frenzy. I was exhausted so I didn’t pay that much attention to them. I decided to go and spend some more money on cd’s and stickers. When I got back, Five Iron Frenzy was just finishing up and Mustard Plug was next. They came out and played “Mendoza”first followed by “Box.” They also played “Mr. Smiley,” “The Freshman” and finished up with “Beer song.” By this time all the skankers and little trendy MTV kids were tired.

The Toasters came out and threw out the usual. As many times I’ve seen them, I still got excited to see them play a bigger venue. They started the set off with “Gimme some Lovin,” followed by “Shocker.” They wanted to let everyone know they weren’t going to see that pushing and shoving shit. Even though I was earlier, I was glad someone said something. I was only Slamdancing to prove a point. They were just being whimps so I decided to go “hardcore” on them. I hate moshing so that’s why I did it. Anyways, back to the Toasters set. They also played songs like “2Tone Army, ” “Don’t Let the Bastards grind you down.” “Weekend in L.A,” and the “East side Beat.” It was the last song and every horn player came out and played. I don’t think some horn players were there but most were. Some notables included Gerry and Rob from Mu330, Brian, Dave, Gary and Matt from Edna’s Goldfish, Kemuri horn players, Five Iron Frenzy horn players, and Buddy from Less Than Jake. I thought that was awesome how they all came out to jam with the toasters, with some even getting solo’s.

I feel The Toasters should have played last because they have been around the scene a hell of a lot longer than Less Than Jake. I love LTJ but I also love the Toasters so they deserve senority. LTJ came out with their normal fun and games. Clowns, confetti launchers, and which I thought was cool, a Flame Blower person or whatever they call them. Plus the normal free stuff routine, where the roadie throws out stickers, posters, records, and other goodies. They played the usual as well like “My Very Own flag,” “Johnny Quest,” “Happyman,” “9th at Pine,” “Automatic,” “Liquor Store.” Well, they played longer than anyone else and played others but I’m exhausted from writing this so here you go, hope you enjoy!


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