Ska Is Dead..And You’re Next @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | By on Feb 22nd, 2004

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Opening Bands: the Schematics, Planet Smashers, Big D and the Kid’s Table, Mustard Plug and Catch 22
Date: Sunday, February 22nd 2004
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

A so called ska show happened last weekend @ The Chance, and I went to it. The bands playing that night were the Schematics, Planet Smashers, Big D and the Kid’s Table, Mustard Plug and Catch 22. Catch and Big D shouldn’t have been on this tour because they don’t play ska music anymore.

At least Mustard Plug and Planet Smashers still have the ska sound. Also, why on earth did Catch 22 headline? I missed most of the Schematics set because I arrived at the club late and The Chance was slow like usual with letting people inside. They must take their time bringing people in when it’s cold out or something. I saw a few songs from the Schematics and they are having a farewell show at The Chance on March 13th. The next band up was the Planet Smashers and they were the one of the best bands of the night. Just from hearing their sound to…say, Big can tell that PS can actually play music and not noise.

They played a variety of songs from their albums like “I Like Your Girlfriend,” “Fabricated,” “Life of the Party,” “80 Bus.” I wish they played more tunes from their new album because I think that’s the best CD they put out to date. Every song on that CD is awesome! They did play 2 of my favorite songs though, “Surfing in Tofino” and “Super Orgy Porno Party.” They ended with “Sk8 or Die” and I felt that was a poor song to end with. I’m not sure if the crowd liked them as much as the other bands though. I guess they don’t appreciate good bands. But they just rocked overall! That isn’t the case for the next band, Big D and the Kid’s Table. I don’t know why so many people like this band. I’ve seen them once before and didn’t like them then and they sound even worse now. They should change their name to Chaotic Mess because it’s very fitting. My ears are still ringing from their noise they call music.

Thankfully a real band was up next. Mustard Plug took the stage and weren’t wearing their yellow clothing. I haven’t seen them in ages so I guess they dropped that schtick. They played newer and older tracks like “You” “Go” “Skank By Numbers” “Mendoza” “Throw a Bomb” and “Not Enough.” During the set, kids kept jumping up on stage (which I don’t think your allowed to do at the Chance anymore) and were skankin it up. Then a guy and girl got up there and started swing dancing and that got the crowd and the band cracking up. They also could have played some better songs but they still put on a great set. After Mustard Plug, My brother and I decided to leave because we had to get up early the next morning. But also we didn’t want to stay for Catch 22 because we simply don’t like them. I think their sound is going into the more pop punk route, the singer sucks, and they were pricks in our interview. So fudge em.


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