Stephen Lynch @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | By on Jan 23rd, 2004

Date: Friday January 23rd, 2004
Venue: The Chance

Well write off the bat, I’d like to thank Eric and Stephen Lynch for getting my Brother and I on the guest list. I didn’t know if I was gonna get on the list because around 6pm we weren’t on there. But we got in okay. Anyway, we arrived at the Chance when the doors were supposedly opening and the line was really long. Even the parking lot had a line of cars waiting to get in. We saw someone we knew from High School and we cut in line like we always do and eventually got into the club around 9pm.

I guess the club was seating everyone who had “preferred seating” first which I didn’t even know about. I think that was the worst idea the Chance could do because 1, there wasn’t a lot of room. 2, They could have sold another 200 tickets if they didn’t have chairs and long ass tables there. But anyway, Matt and I got a spot by a garbage can in a corner and had a decent spot. Everytime I go to the Chance, I always manage to get beer spilled on me. haha. I don’t know why it always happens to me. I guess it happens to the person that never drinks it. Before Lynch came out, the wacky DJs of WPDH came out and did some lame hokey “throw a quarter at my fat ass” bit and threw out some T-shirts to the crowd. Stephen Lynch hit the stage and looked hammered already. He even said he’s been drinking backstage for hours now but he seemed to sing and play guitar really well. I think he loved the fact that the club was sold out and he felt like a rockstar. He did some usual bits in between songs but it still made me laugh anyway because he acts like he just thought of the joke. I could see Lynch any time and still laugh because it’s fun to see people’s reactions to his songs and the songs are still fun to listen too.

Plus he usually vamps new stuff every time with the crowd and that’s worth price of admission right there. He played some classic songs that he said he hadn’t played in awhile and also broke out a few funny new songs as well. Songs about being alone in the house, his new ugly baby, Jesus’ brother Craig and a few others. “Ugly Baby” was hilarious and I heard him do that song on Last Call with Carson Daly. During the end of the song, his buddy Mark Teich ( came out and did some chorus for the song. He came out a little bit later too. Stephen Lynch played a lot of songs I knew as well like “Talk To Me,” “Special Ed” “Hermaphrodite,” “Gay” “Priest,” and the always romantic song “For The Ladies.” During “Priest,” he was sucking the microphone like a dick for about 5 minutes and that’s when the camera flashes started going off. I knew I should have brought my camera haha. Stephen does a longer version of “Superhero” every time I see him.

That’s the time of the show for the drunken stoned idiots to scream out what type of superhero they would be. Since it was a sold out crowd, and a lot of people were there; Stephen could barely hear what people were saying. Some people screamed out “Cocksucking man” “Masturbation Boy” “Douche Girl” and the one that Stephen said won the prize was “Failed Abortion Girl.” The song went on for about 35 minutes it seemed. Mark Teich even made fun of him for that when he came back on stage. I think Lynch and Teich are a great team and play off each other real well. I guess it’s like Tenacious D but Lynch & Teich are actually funny. It seems it’s their goal to see which one will laugh first and they try to make each other mess up their lines. I think that’s hilarious to watch. Mark sang a song that wasn’t really funny, but what was funny was Stephen acting up on guitar and driving Mark crazy. That was probably the bit, and not the song.

They also did songs from “Superhero” like “She’s Gotta Smile,” “Best Friends Song” and ended the set with “D&D.” They came back on for an encore and played 2 songs, one of them being “Special Olympics.” During that song, towards the end of it, someone opened the side stage door, and started running in a drunken stupor after Mark and Stephen. I think he was screaming my sister is retarded or something along those lines but the bouncers were there and threw him right out. Stephen and Mark said “are you retarded or your sister?” And ended their song and got the hell out of there. I couldn’t believe that happened. I thought it was a gag at first but I don’t believe so. But the show went on for over 2 hours and it was well worth it. Last time we saw him at The Loft, he only played for an hour or so. If you like sick demented songs then go see a Stephen Lynch show!! I promise, you’ll laugh your brains off.

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