The Deftones @ Runwayz, Cheektowaga, NY

Live Reviews | Jul 14th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Glass Jaw
Date: July 14 2000
Venue: Runwayz, Cheektowaga, NY

First off Runwayz is a pretty cool place for a show. It’s this bar in Cheektowaga with an outdoor stage behind it.

The best part about it though is that the runway for the Buffalo International Airport is right behind it (it’s international cuz you can fly 15 miles north to exotic Canada) so you get to see planes take off and land behind the stage as bands are playing. Anyway, Glass Jaw opened and they were OK. They kinda have a Deftones sound with more of a hardcore edge. I guess they’re on Roadrunner records so check em out if you’re into the whole metal/rap/hardcore thing.

Then the Deftones came out just as it started to rain and the whole pit turned to wet sand and mud. They put on a really good set. They basically played everything I came out to hear (stuff off of Adrenaline). Songs like Bored, Engine No. 9, 7 Words and Root were definitely crowd favs. They also played some stuff from the new album which was OK. It was neat to see Chino actually play guitar for some songs like Change (in the house of flies). They ended up closing with Pink Maggot (I think). It was a pretty good show and everyone in the beer tent got a free drink (it was Chi’s birthday), although they were definitely not as energetic as when I saw them at Warped Tour. Also, Chino looked kinda bloated. Oh well, I think I’m gonna get the new CD anyway.


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