The Scofflaws @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | Jul 17th, 1997

The Scofflaws

Opening Bands: Edna’s Goldfish, Sgt. Scagnetti, Lounge
Date: July 17th 1997
Venue: The Chance Poughkeepsie NY

Hello again with yet another concert review! Is it just me or are we addictive? Aww well I guess good music can do that to you. Anyways, We saw The Scofflaws finally. I can’t believe I waited this long to see them. They were awesome. Ok, back to the beginning of the show. Oh yeah, it’s at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, if anyone is wondering. So Exit 7 started off. I guess they call them Ska and among other things but they weren’t. Just because they have a horn section doesn’t make them a ska band. They had this singer who thought he was a rap star but wasn’t that good. Plus he sang too close to the mike.

Next up was Sgt. Scagnetti. They always put on a good show and started of with a “Intro” and then went into “Sideshow.” They got the unsually small crowd into it. I guess the crowd was small because Fugazi played there the night before. Well, they continued by playing “Dirt Bike Kid.” Followed by others like “Necromance,” “Family Fun Four Pack,” and “Hellspawn.” Steve from Sgt. Scagnetti, during one of the songs, came out and threw a cup of water on Bryan. I started cracking up laughing.

Next up, Lounge. They were a surprise because they weren’t originally on the bill. But how can I be surprised, they play there everday at the chance with cooter. They were good. They are maybe the only orange county punk band I can tolerate. During the set, all these wanna be homey g’s were moshing and being real dicks about it too. They kept picking on all the little kids. I just wanted to take a chair and smash their fat heads with a metal chair. Then they’ll see how they like getting picked on. One of them even had his “neck missing” so I wouldn’t want to mess with him. Plus some of these people were skanking to a punk band. I’m sorry but WHY?? These people really know their music*sarcastically* C’mon look up ska and seee if it includes skankin’ to punk. I can understand a ska/punk band but not just a punk band. Plus Hippies were skanking and smoking pot. I wanted to beat the hell out of them for that. Damn Hippies, go back to the horde fest. We don’t want you in this scene!!! Ok enough ranting.

Back to the show, Edna’s Goldfish came on next. They were awesome as usual and it was the first time at the Chance and they seemed to like the place as well as the sound systems. So they started off with “I’m Your Density,” and got the crowd skanking which was good because not too many people in poughkeepsie have heard of them but now they have. Other songs in their 30 minute set included “Just Less,” “Four Days in November,” “Eventually Anyway,” “This is not here,” and “Relate.” For “Veronica Sawyer,” I started everyone off by getting on stage to sing along with the chorus part which was cool because out of all the times I’ve seen them, this was my first time on stage singing. Well, my spontaneous self spurred everyone to get up and join me as well. Brian from Edna’s Goldfish, was shocked to see everyone on stage. He was like, “Oh, it looks like a big party up on here.” Also, I got on stage for “This is not here.” But during the non-chorus parts I was up there just standing there, so I looked like an idiot. Well they kicked ass as usual.

Finally, The Scofflaws were up. They played a lot of new stuff and old stuff. They played some new ones like “In the Basement,” “I Can’t Decide,” and old ones like “Back door Open, ” When the lights go down,” “Nude Beach.” I was disappointed in that song because they didn’t have the baritone sax guy to play the intro to that song which makes it an awesome song. Anyways, they also played like “William Shatner.” That’s my favorite song by them and I like how they get the crowd participation in it. They have everyone run back and forth like Star Trek ship is rocking back and forth. That was pretty cool. Anyways, they were awesome and I’m tired from writing this so long so THE END


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