Vision of Disorder @ The Chance Poughkeepsie NY

Live Reviews | By on Jun 6th, 1998

Opening Bands: Candiria, Skarhead
Date: June 6th 1998
Venue: The Chance Poughkeepsie NY

The usual hardcore show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, was our first hardcore show in a very long time.

This time it featured Vision of Disorder and Candiria. We got there a little late but from what I hear, we didn’t miss much. The second band was on when we got there and they were very metal. Black clothes, black long hair and screamin’ and squealing’, which didn’t sound good anyway. After that noise, was Skarhead.

They were pretty stupid. What kind of band promotes cocaine “Yeah, drugs are cool. Where’s the blow at?” What morons! And they wonder why they are banned from every club in New York City. There’s your answer. Enough about them.

Candiria was up next and they were awesome like usual. They played a lot of new material from their new album “1998.” The sell out crowd was going nuts for them, by doing what they do best, beating the shit out of each other. VOD came on and I only caught three songs because it was getting late for me, but I did catch one of my favorite songs by them in “Element.” Overall it was a fun night.


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