Bad Company

Movie Reviews | Jun 7th, 2002

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Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Gabriel Macht, Garcelle Beauvais, Adoni Maropis, John Aylward, John Slattery, Brooke Smith, Lanette Ware, Kerry Washington
Written By: Jason Richman, Michael Browning
Directed By: Joel Schumacher

I didn’t know if I was going to see this film at all, but I went and saw it anyway. It actually was a decent film, but I had a couple of complaints.

Beside that though, the action scenes were cool to watch. When a CIA operation goes bad and an agent gets killed (Twin Brother to Jake Hayes) played by Chris Rock. Agent Oakes, played by Hopkins, brings in his ex-partner’s twin brother, who is a NYC ticket scalper and scam artist. They have a few days to get him ready to act like his twin brother.

I believe this might have been a remake. I know there is another movie out there named Bad Company. Anyway, I liked parts, and parts of the film but there was some things that I didn’t like as well. The biggest complaint I have about Bad Company is Chris Rock in action scenes. It’s super annoying to hear him scream over and over again. One, it doesn’t sound real to begin with, and his voice isn’t pleasant to listen to either. I didn’t really like the chemistry between Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. I bet they didn’t even talked when they were filming the movie. But what I liked was the action, even though it’s the same old stuff you see in every movie. It’s still fun to watch, that’s why they keep doing that. DUH! I thought Chris Rock was good besides when he was yelling. I liked a few of his lines like this “I’m at the corner of Eat Shit and Fuck You.” Something to that extent.

I liked the supporting roles too. I liked that one guy who was in the CIA that did a lot of the stuff along with Hopkins’ character. Another positive about the film was the score by Trevor Rabin. Even though his stuff sounds the same, it still works and enhances certain scenes in the movies. It sounds like his scores from American Outlaws, Remember the Titans, and Armageddon. I don’t know what else to say about this film really. It did what it was supposed to do and be entertaining. It was entertaining to me, apparently not to other people who saw the movie. Oh yeah, I have another complaint. Can filmmakers pick another city to have a bomb in besides NYC. Haven’t we been through enough? I could see why this film got pushed back til the summer. I say wait to see this in a discount theater or wait to rent it on video or DVD.

Favorite Scenes: The Shower scene of course! The ending was a little intense but I liked it
Rating: R
Running Time: 116 minutes
Overall Rating:


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