Movie Reviews | Apr 6th, 2001

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Starring Johnny Depp, Paul Reubens, Penelope Cruz
Written By: Nick Cassavetes, David McKenna
Directed By: Ted Demme

The Story of George Jung, a Massachusetts native, who moves California and is involved in one of the biggest drug cartels in the 70’s and 80’s. Johnny Depp gives another outstanding performance, as the man who had controlled most of the weed and coke in our country during the past 30 years.

I think the statistic they said in the movie was “if you had bought coke in the US in the 70’s and 80’s, 85% chance it was from him.” I really enjoyed the first 45 minutes of the movie because it showed how they got involved with the drug business and how much money they could make. Also it showed how much trouble they got in. It is amazing how much money this guy made. I liked how they threw in lots of humor to a serious story, not like Traffic.

I also enjoyed that movie. Being this is based on a true story, they showed what the real character looks like, and it nothing near Johnny Depp. Some people criticized this movie for being Pro-Drug but it really wasn’t. It is hard to get that from the movie, but that is not what the message was. It shows us that drugs is a horrible business, where people are your friends merely to make money and score some drugs from you. Life is short and its not worth spending it in jail. I definitely recommend you check this out.

Favorite Scenes: Several including the first time they try to land the small plane they
Rating: R
Running Time: 124 minutes
Overall Rating:


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