Blue Streak

Movie Reviews | Sep 17th, 1999

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Starring Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Dave Chappelle, Peter Greene, Nicole Parker, William Forsythe
Written By: Stephen Carpenter
Directed By: Les Mayfield

A very funny movie but very unrealistic. Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle were hilarious.

But how can the cops be so naive and then let Martin Lawrence go free at the end. I know it’s just a movie and also because I know the cops aren’t that nice in real life. Martin’s ebonics was getting annoying after awhile like “believe tat.” there’s a lot of funny scenes in this movie like when Martin Lawrence dressed like a pizzaman and I just thought of Matt when I saw that..haha..

Anyway, if you like Martin Lawrence’s stand up or his movies, then you should probably see this.

Rating: R
Running Time: 93 minutes
Overall Rating:


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