E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Movie Reviews | Mar 22nd, 2002

Starring Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Peter Coyote, Dee Wallace-Stone, Robert MacNaughton
Written By: Melissa Mathison
Directed By: Steven Spielberg

I’m not even going to explain the concept of this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you’re retarded. I believe E.T. was one of the first movies I saw in the theaters. I know I saw Return Of The Jedi the year after so I had to have seen this. I really can’t remember though. I wanted to see this again in the theaters because it’s a classic.

Plus they’ve added scenes to the movie. Another thing that came to mind when watching the movie was the lack of good kid flicks lately. All of the trailers that played before the movie looked absolutely horrible. Spirit is about some horse that looks lame, Lilo And Stitch is and will be another failing Disney film.

Where have the good kiddie flicks gone? There are several things new to the film. They re-mastered the sound, and the great John Williams, who’ll I’ll be seeing in Boston in May, recorded more music for the film. The special effects have been enhanced, and some of E.T. has been digitally removed, being replaced by a CGI E.T. One scene I’ve noticed a difference was in the beginning when E.T is running away from the Gov’t agents. They made E.T. jump a little bit when running, instead of seeing the bushes move. I almost like what they did for the original movie better.

I thought it was more effective by just showing the bushes move and E.T. no where to be seen. More scenes they enhanced E.T was when he’s drinking beer, and when he first meets Gertie. The beer scene shows him actually swallowing the beer instead of it looking cheesy spilling all over the place. Some of the CGI work looked believable but I think CGI still isn’t believable enough. I almost wish movies would still makes miniatures and use muppets instead of CGI. Besides the special effects, they also had a few scenes that were added back into the film. I actually haven’t seen this movie in a real long time so I can’t tell. Though there was 2 scenes I could.

One was when E.T. falls into the bathtub and plays underwater, and another scene when Elliot’s mom goes looking for Elliot on Halloween. The Halloween scene is funny because the mom is getting creamed with eggs in her car, and kids are setting things on fire. The good old days of Halloween. Things that got cut from the this one, but were in the original was kind of dumb to take out I think. At the end of the movie, when the kids are on the bikes and the Gov’t agents are chasing after them. Their guns have been digitally replaced with walkie talkies. Oh no, walkie talkies!! I’m scared of those! Another one was when Elliot’s brother dresses up as something for Halloween, the mother doesn’t say “you look like a terrorists.” Now “it’s you like like a hippie.”

I don’t think he looked like a terrorist nor a hippie, but more like a bum. I hate when directors and producers get soft and need to censor themselves. Does this 20th anniversary edition still make it a classic? I think so. Though I prefer the original movie to this one. It was still great to see it in the theaters again, even though shitty Loews messed up the print again. Also, the movie still has the effect on children and adults when “E.T. dies” because I still get a tear in my eye for some scenes. Shut up! You know you cried to. Don’t be mister tough guy. So if you like E.T and curious to see what they did to this, check it out but I think you should wait to see both versions on DVD when it gets released soon.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Scenes: When E.T is drunk, and the Halloween scenes.
Running Time: 115 minutes
Overall Rating:


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