Rush Hour 2

Movie Reviews | Aug 3rd, 2001

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Starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ziyi Zhang, Alan King, Roselyn Sanchez, Chris Penn
Written By: Jeff Nathanson
Directed By: Brett Ratner

Rush Hour 2 takes place just a few days after the first movie. Tucker’s character James Carter is in Hong Kong for some relaxation, while Chan’s character Inspecter Lee is busy taking case after case.

Some problems come up while the two are out and about on the town. Apparently, the Chinese Triads are having fun exploding things. Sounds fun. This brings Lee’s character to a local bar hangout to search for its leader Ricky Tan. It also comes out that Ricky Tan was Inspecter Lee’s father’s partner. Doesn’t that sound like that Spaceball’s line?

Ok enough obscure references. So Lee and Tucker get invovled, do the usual ass kicking around town and throw in some comedy as well. I don’t think it’s as a funny and good as the first one but It doesn’t disappoint. Some parts are yet again predictable but that makes the movie a little bit of fun. The fight scenes were excellent, in usual Chan fashion, and Chris Tucker gets involved in some of them as well. Well, maybe his stunt double did.

Ok, so Tucker’s character gets involved in the fighting. There, saved myself. So yeah overall a fun movie, which prob. won’t make too much sense if you didn’t see the first one. Rent the first one and go out to see the sequel.

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