Movie Reviews | Jun 16th, 2000

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Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Roundtree, Vanessa Williams, Christian Bale, Busta Rhymes
Written By: John Singleton, Shane Salerno, Richard Price
Directed By: John Singleton

Another good movie I saw this weekend was the update to Shaft. At first, I thought it was a remake but it’s not. Samuel L. Jackson is John Shaft (nephew to Private Eye John Shaft) but Samuel was a cop who quit because the system sucks and is injustice.

The difference between the two John Shaft’s is Samuel’s character is a lot more violent and has a bad temper, where as the older original Shaft (Richard Roundtree) keeps his cool, and is a lot smoother. They totally cut out all the sex scenes, which was the debate with the producers, the director and Jackson. It doesn’t really show him as a sex machine. Jackson I think is perfect for this part and he’s truly one badass mo fo. The lines that Samuel L. Jackson say are pretty funny and another surprise was Busta Rhymes, he was a good addition to the movie. He plays an old friend to Shaft.

The main plot was that Shaft was after Walter Wade JR. (who was a racist rich boy) who killed a black man outside a bar, and a witness was a waitress of the bar. Shaft had to protect her before Wade (Christian Bale) or Latino crime lord (hired to kill her from Wade) got to her. That’s the basic plot line to the movie and it’s a pretty decent movie.

I didn’t have any problems with it really and there wasn’t anything too spectacular about it, just a good overall action movie. I can’t wait to see a sequel, if it happens. It can be called Shafts..hahaha

Rating: R
Running Time: 99 minutes
Overall Rating:


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