Spy Game

Movie Reviews | Nov 19th, 2001

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Starring Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Catherine McCormack, Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Written By: Michael Frost Beckner, David Arata
Directed By: Tony Scott

Why not go to the movies and see a decent flick when there’s nothing to do on a boring Monday! The trailer for this made it look cool so I decided to see it. Redford and Pitt usually perform well in movies and they did so again in Spy Game.

The story is basically about Nathan Muir (Redford) and Tom Bishop (Pitt), Two guys that work for the CIA. Muir finds out on his last day at the CIA that his protégé has gotten captured for a rescue attempt in a Chinese prison and was charged with espionage. He will be killed in the next 24 hours and the CIA doesn’t want to do anything to help him. The heads of the CIA want to know more about Bishop from Muir. Muir secretly tries to save Bishop behind the Bosses’ backs and the spy game even occurs within the offices of the CIA. I thought the movie was good. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.

It was entertaining and very complex. You have to pay attention to everything to figure out what’s going on. I thought this movie was similar with the movie Ronin. In the sense that it was very complicated and hard to follow, but great to watch! The movie has a lot of flashbacks and shows scenarios dealing with Bishop and Muir. I didn’t think they needed to show so many scenes involving Muir and Bishop. I was just thinking to myself, get on with saving Bishop already! But whatever, the movie still worked. I really like Redford’s character and how he messed around with the other CIA people in the conference room. I also thought the score of the movie was pretty good. It had that techno-electronic classical sound with some good beats. It helped the movie along very well I thought.

I thought the actors did a great job. Robert Redford usually acts real well. He did a good job in The Last Castle but I think his performance in Spy Game was better. I guess there was more depth to his character in Spy Game. This was really Redford’s movie though. Brad Pitt did a decent job in his part of Tom Bishop. I never really liked Brad Pitt before Fight Club, but I’m starting to like his acting a little more. With him being on Jackass, Snatch and Friends just seems like he’s a cool guy. I thought Tony Scott (Ridley Scott’s brother) did a good job with the directing. He had some cool effect shots and camera angles that were effective. Overall this movie was entertaining and definitely worth looking into if you like a good complex espionage film.

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