Movie Reviews | Nov 20th, 2000

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Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Wright Penn
Written By: M. Night Shyamalan
Directed By: M. Night Shyamalan

I’ll try not to reveal too much about this movie except for what you saw in the trailers. It seems for most of the movie sites, the review for this seemed very positive. When I hear people talk about it in the general public and in my classes, it’s extremely negative. And every critic is comparing this to M Night’s Sixth Sense, which is one of the most successful movies in history.

Though they are somewhat similar, they are also very different. They both are slow paced movies building up to the supposed “plot twist” at the end. The story is about two people, one who gets really sick and is very breakable, which is Samuel L Jackson’s character, Elijah Price. Then there’s Bruce Willis’ character, David Dunne who can’t remember when he got hurt or got sick in his life. David survives this big train wreck and he’s the only survivor. The movie is very slow paced for the most part but then the movie picks up a lot and gets interesting towards the end.

Though I pretty much knew within the story, what this movie was really about. Also another pointer that tells you what this movie is about is some quotes or stats in the beginning of the movie. Though this movie may be boring or even cheesy at some parts, I still thought it was a good overall film. The score was good, done by James Newton Howard. The camera shots and directing was excellent. The acting was great. Samuel L Jackson looked like a pimp with the hairdo and clothes he had on. The thing that many people can’t stand about this movie, they didn’t expect the ending or thought the plot was dumb. I mean, what did you think Bruce Willis’ character was… dead, immortal, god, etc?

Well I thought the movie was a great introduction because now they are saying this is going to be part of a trilogy, which I think, would be really cool. I can’t tell you what to think of this movie unless you see it for yourself. But I’m sure people are telling you not to waste your money but whatever, I liked it and that’s all that matters right? haha

Favorite Scenes: Well I liked the working out scene, when David goes to a public place and notices something, and I liked the ending a lot.
Running Time: 0 minutes
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