What Women Want

Movie Reviews | Dec 17th, 2000

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Starring Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Alan Alda, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei
Written By: Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa, Diane Drake
Directed By: Nancy Meyers

A romantic comedy starring, in a surprising first, Mel Gibson. Gibson plays the character Nick Marshall, a high-powered advertising director, who is on the verge of getting promoted to Creative Design Director, or something close to that.

He later finds out his boss, played by Alan Alda, and has given the job to this successful advertising woman from another company, whom was played by Helen Hunt. Well this doesn’t make Mel happy at all. See, Mel Gibson plays Mr. Love Charmer, who exploits and mistreats women, and becomes peeved at the idea of losing out the job to a woman. I really like the movie because it had everything you could want from a chick flick, I guess. It had the laughs, it had the love story, and it had Helen Hunt. Mmmm I am beginning to really like her.

After seeing her in Cast Away and now What Women Want, she is moving up on my list as favorite women in Hollywood. Anyway back to the movie. So Now Nick Marshall (Gibson) has been given the job of creating new ads directed primarily at women. Well he thinks he is the master, but it turns out after a heavy night of drinking, and testing out feminine products he is not. Well a freak accident over night gives him the ability of read women’s minds. Even female dogs!

It’s quite amusing to hear what women are supposedly thinking. Well to not divulge more of the story lots of stuff happens. Is that good enough? After a while, Mel and Helen start to fall for each other and it turns into a whole lovey-dovey thing, which was what I expected anyway. Overall, a very entertaining movie with good actors and a good story.

Favorite Scenes: When Nick Marshall first is hearing all the women’s thoughts, on his way to work.
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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