Whole Nine Yards

Movie Reviews | Feb 18th, 2000

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Starring Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Michael Clarke Duncan, Rosanna Arquette, Natasha Hendridge, Kevin Pollack
Written By: Mitchell Kapner
Directed By: Jonathan Lynn

Another mob comedy like Analyze This.

The plot in a nutshell is Matthew Perry is a doctor; and is married to a canadian woman and she was basically blackmailing him into giving her money. A Mobster moves in next door and Matthew Perry’s wife thinks he should turn him in, so she can rat on him to get him killed.

There’s lots more bits and peices in there but I don’t want to give away the whole story. Matthew Perry’s wife in the movie is played by Rosanna Arquette and has the worst french canadian ascent I ever heard. After seeing this movie, I’m afraid of Bruce Willis. haha. I guess he played a good mobster.

I’m always scared of Michael Clarke Duncan. I shit a brick if I saw him standing in my room ready to beat the piss out of me. I like Matthew Perry movies. I think he’s a funny actor and man, did he get his ass whooped in this movie. One more + in the movie from a Guy’s point of view… one of the actresses gets naked..not Natasha, but one of the other girls but i can’t figure out her name. Obviously people like this movie since it was at the number one spot for three weeks and I enjoyed myself watching this movie as well. Go see it if you like “Chandler Bing” type of comedy and want to see Bruce Willis be a mobster.

Overall Rating:


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