Movie Reviews | Jun 14th, 2002

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Starring Nicolas Cage, Adam Beach, Christian Slater, Peter Stormare, Roger Willie, Noah Emmerich, Mark Ruffalo, Brian Van Holt, Martin Henderson, Jason Isaacs
Written By: John Rice, Joe Batteer
Directed By: John Woo

The trailers for this movie looked good, but don’t be fooled by them. Anything with the Gladiator music will look great. haha. This is a rental at best. The story had potential but I think the problem with this film was John Woo and the script.

The story is about 2 U.S Marines (played by Nicolas Cage, Christian Slater) in WWII, that have to protect 2 Navajo Marines (Adam Beach, Roger Willie) who use their native language to deliver codes to each other and that way the Japanese can’t decipher it. Joe Enders, played by Cage, led a mission in some place during WW2, and he was the only survivor. Now he has to protect the codetalker, and more importantly, the code.

I didn’t really have a problem with the actors but more the direction and John Woo. Though back to the actors. Cage does an okay job has the Sgt., He has his moments but nothing too special. Adam Beach, I thought did a great job. He plays Ben Yahzee who is the codetalker of the film. Peter Stormare is in every movie this summer. I believe the exact words when I saw he was in the movie was “this guy’s in every fucking movie!” The rest of the actors in the film were so so.

I think John Woo basically wanted to make a movie just to blow people up. No wonder why most of the marines were looking for ammo, because they shot 20 bullets into each body. The movie kind of reminded me of Weird Al in UHF. When he was Rambo and was screaming and blowing people away. ARGHHH! Also, when the people in the movie were shooting like one shot, and 5 people go down. That brings up another movie spoof, in Hot Shots Part Deux…When he picks up a bunch of bullets and throws them at the guys and they all fall down at once. That’s how most of the movie was. People flying here, people blowing up, getting caught on fire with their stuntmen protective face gear on.

I’ve been noticing that a lot in movies. I wouldn’t show the faces and hide that shit yo. Another example of bad action is, when someone got hurt and someone picks that person up in battle, they die too. That happened like 6 times in this movie. Better to just leave them and run away. hahaha. Want to talk about bad war clichés. One guy on your side doesn’t like you and makes fun of you, and then later on, he saves your life.

Yeah, that’s original. Want to know something else that was funny, seeing old stock film from the actual war put into this film. I think I laughed out loud for that one. Couldn’t get a real ship to fire stuff or have a CGI one Mr. Woo? I was also laughing at Peter Stormare, because he’s a U.S. Sgt., yet has an European accent. I could go on and on about how bad this movie was so I’ll save you time and say don’t see this film in the theaters.

Favorite Scenes: I liked when the White Horse and Ben Yahzee used their knives in battles. A scene with Christian Slater and a sword. haha
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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