Titans Episode 4: Doom Patrol

TV Reviews | Nov 5th, 2018

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter
Created By: Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns
Studio: Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television

Episode 4 of Titans is titled “Doom Patrol” and serves two major purposes for both “Titans” as well as the DC Universe Streaming.

First of all, “Doom Patrol” is one of the upcoming series that has been announced for the streaming service. While definitely one of the more obscure announcements for the service, those not in the know in regards to the Doom Patrol can consider them somewhat of DC’s answer to the X-Men or vice-versa depending on who you talk to. Each member had something extraordinary occur to them that could have spelled their doom but were saved by Dr. Niles Caulder AKA the Chief. The outcasts joined together to fight evil-doers and thus the Doom Patrol began.

Not only does this episode serve as an introduction to the original lineup but it also stays true to Beast Boy’s roots as he was originally a member of the Doom Patrol before joining the Teen Titans. I loved the fact that they decided to stay true to the comic roots of Beast Boy/Changeling as well as giving some love to the Doom Patrol before the launch of their own live-action series.

In this episode, Raven has just blown a hole in the convent in which they were trying to keep Raven locked up and she has escaped into the woods. There she encounters Garfield/Beast Boy again but this time he appears as a tiger and changes into human form in front of her. The two of them make their way to an apparently abandoned mansion in with Garfield lives in. Garfield says he lives there with others but he forgets to tell Raven that those others aren’t normal people. This is where most of the Doom Patrol is introduced as they gather together around the dinner table for a large buffet of various foods. But much to Garfield’s dismay, the Chief arrives back home earlier than expected and is shocked to learn that he has brought an outsider to the mansion but he has more pressing matters to attend to as a young woman with out of control superpowers needs his help. With Raven’s assistance they manage to save the young woman and calm her down to get some rest.

While Raven has been out gallivanting with robots and radioactive men, Dick and Kory search everywhere for Raven and eventually come upon a lead that takes them to the doorstep of the Doom Patrol. Upon arrival, Raven has unleashed the darkness inside her after the Chief tried to help her with her condition but she changed her mind. The Chief had his back broken but Dick managed to calm Raven down before she brought about the end of the world. With the rest of the Doom Patrol going to help with the Chief’s caretaking, they tell Garfield to go and have a life with the Titans which he obliges. The episode ends with the four Titans driving away, the Chief in his wheelchair staring out the window and the song “We’ll Meet Again” hauntingly playing in the background.

“Doom Patrol” was a fun and weird introduction to the Doom Patrol as well as a nice tie-in to Beast Boy’s comic book history. Some things didn’t jive throughout the episode like why Beast Boy keeps having to get naked to morph or why Raven decided it was a good idea to get the Chief’s help but them immediately back out but overall this episode was a great team-building exercise for the Titans as they finally all come together and decide on what their next steps may be. The Doom Patrol looked great and it was as if they were literally ripped directly from the pages of their comic. As with Hawk & Dove previously, I wasn’t expecting such comic accurate costumes and characters from the initial dark tone of the trailer for “Titans” but it helps to realize the world that the Titans live in…while there me be seriously dark characters out there like the Batman and the Joker you will also have to expect characters like the Doom Patrol and even possibly Bat-Mite exist somewhere in this universe. That fact adds so much more depth to the show than initially expected and gives me even more reason to be excited for each and every upcoming episode.

Bottom Line: The Doom Patrol adds a touch of the weird and a little bit of fun to what seemed like a dark and gritty series. For this I thank those at DC.
Rating: NR
Overall Rating:


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