Year of the Dragon – “Blunt Force Karma”

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Nu-Metal
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Featuring Dirty Walt from Fishbone, YOTD takes some of Fishbone’s funk/punk humor and Dirty Walt’s pot obsession and wrings it through the crunchy-riff machine of bad nu-metal.

Proclaimed to be a concept album about a future where aliens “deny all poppin’ females the inalienable right to be funky,” the music doesn’t get much more funkadelic or interesting than, say, the first Mr. Bungle record, and that’s being generous. The sound is planted in late 90s Limp Bizkit garbage, giving its non-serious vibe an obnoxious, baggy-shorts-wearing fratboy doofiness.

On the plus side, the vocals remind me of Faith No More and have good range. That’s the only plus side. “Blunt Force Karma” is a painful experience that could only appeal to those with natural or pot-induced low IQs. Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse fans might like it.

Bottom Line: Derrr….
Overall Rating:


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