Family Guy: The Official Episode Guide: Seasons 1-3

Book Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2007

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Author: Steve Callaghan, Ed.
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: TV/Humor
Pages: 224
Retail Price: 9.99
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When I reviewed the Stewie book, I wondered why there wasn’t a Family Guy episode guide. Well, now one’s out, and I can complain about this one, too.

The guide is similar in format to the Simpsons’ episode guides, only the latter is crammed with information. This one feels skimpy + yes, there’s plot summaries and memorable quotes, but not much else. Fact bubbles aren’t that interesting: “Stuff That Might Have Slipped By” never has anything that slipped by; the “Scene Stealers” character profiles are horribly unfunny; and the “Behind the Scenes” blurbs are sometimes amusing but never enlightening.

The Simpsons episode guides are usually more fun than the show itself, whereas the Family Guy guidebook… well, you’re better off skipping it. It doesn’t do the show any justice and doesn’t provide anything new for the fan.

Bottom Line: Needless and unfunny, even if you’re a huge fan.
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