Textastrophe: A Collection of Hilariously Catastrophic Text Pranks

Book Reviews | Apr 5th, 2015


Author: Matt Andrews
Publisher: St Martin’s Griffin
Genre: Humor
Pages: 192 pages
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Have you ever had the balls to text strangers repeatedly for your own amusement? No? Well Matt Andrews did just that and perfected prank texting! He made a book of all his best text conversations with complete strangers who posted their number on Craigslist ads.

I’m a fan of the Textastrophe website, that has some of these conversations and I was happy to hear that this was made into a book. It’s a quick read but sometimes these conversations are so damn cringy that you have to take them in small doses. It’s a good bathroom read if you want to get specific.

The way that the book is setup is that Matt has a screenshot of the ad from Craigslist, and then the conversations are in bubble format in a phone. It’s great that way because it’s just like a normal text conversations but it also doesn’t spoil the punchlines at the end. The beauty of these conversations is that you don’t know where Matt will go with them. The texts start out normal and then they veer off into left field pretty quickly.

The results most of the time are laugh out loud funny and they will make you want to hide your hands in your face. These are awkward and cringy at times, which makes these hilarious to read if you got that sense of humor. If you want to read new cringy texts from Matt, be sure to visit http://textastrophe.com.

Bottom Line: Hilarious and cringy!
Overall Rating:


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