Snowglobe – “The Fall”

Album Reviews | Apr 24th, 2024

Snowglobe - "The Fall"
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Record Label: Nine Mile Records

It’s been a little while since we had the pleasure of a full-length album from Snowglobe, but the Memphis group of merry funksters is back in high style, clear voice, psychedelic vibes and some exciting tracks on a twofer comprising a full record plus an EP! (Take that, Tay-Tay!)

The full-length album “The Fall” kicks off strong, with some jamming hooks and killer instrumentation on “Can’t Stay”—pay particular attention to the horn section as the track goes along. “People” follows, and it bears the hint of some great ’70s psychedelic rock. Things get experimentally jazzy on “Long Time Coming,” with that rather rocking horn section back for more fun. “Your Heart” brings back to the fore some of the creative harmonies Snowglobe is known for.

“Lights Went Out” gets into the psychedelia groove, and is among the album’s best. For something truly unique, prick your ears up for “Beastly Blob,” whose lyrics are as singular as the plucking violins heard early on in the track; approach this one with an open mind. The group even gets their Pink Floyd-adjacent sounds on with “Willow Tree,” which will make you want to sell all of your worldly possessions and move into the forest by fall. I have no idea what the band was smoking while writing “Fancy Free,” what with its trippy images of sharks, brains and somehow “an angry judge” gets involved, but it’s a sonic travelogue the Beatles and Grateful Dead would be proud of. Disc-closer “Rhythm of a Gun” is of a piece with “Fancy Free,” and all but begs for a follow-up…which is fortunate as the EP is up next!

Notable Tracks: The Fall, Lights Went Out, Fancy Free, Rhythm of a Gun
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