Stephanie Sammons – “Time and Evolution”

Album Reviews | May 2nd, 2024

Stephanie Sammons - "Time and Evolution"
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Record Label: SAS Music
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In the tradition of such chanteuses as Shawn Colvin and Paula Cole, Dallas-based Stephanie Sammons delivers some folk-inspired music on her latest, “Time and Evolution.” “Make Me Believe” is a meditation upon the many things people choose to put their faith in—or not to.

“Innocence Lost” is a delightfully pleasant fall from grace. “Year of the Dog” is poetry in song, and destined to be the closing credits song in a movie melodrama soon. I enjoyed “Billboard Song,” and Mary Bragg pops in for a guest appearance on “Living and Dying,” a country song that is among the album’s best. “Mend” is a tender tune about finding healing where you can, and then comes the beautiful “Grow Up,” a standout track with Verlon Thompson pinch-hitting with Sammons. Album-capper “Holding on to Jesus” isn’t as much about religion as might be thought at first listen; the song has a lot more going on about the meaning of family and what love really is.

An outstanding effort from Sammons, with poetry galore and her sweet voice spinning yarns and opening hearts for all to see (and hear).

Notable Tracks: Make Me Believe, Innocence Lost, Year of the Dog, Living and Dying, Grow Up
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