Tim Easton – “Find Your Way”

Album Reviews | May 15th, 2024

Tim Easton - "Find Your Way"
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Record Label: Black Mesa Records
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Tim Easton revisits the Nashville sound, and turns it onto its side with this haunting disc for Black Mesa.

The titular track kicks off the proceedings with a country-inspired dirge, and “Everything You’re Afraid Of” reminds you that, as Tom Petty once observed, “most things I worry about never happen anyway”—and Easton picks up the slack here on that same message. “Here for You” is a bit maudlin (i.e., it has a positive message), but perhaps that’s what we need in times like these. “Jacqueline” is a folky, different kind of love song, with “Little Brother” a meditative story that is best listened to twice for good measure. For some down-home, bluesy goodness, check out the acoustic guitar-led “Bangin’ Drum (Inside My Mind)” followed by the equally grimy (and I mean that as a serious compliment!) “Arkansas Twisted Heart” and “Dishwasher’s Blues.” Easton takes things on yet another turn late in the album, with bluegrass-country strains on the love song “What Will It Take?” and closer “By the End of the Night.”

Again, I use the term “grimy” as a compliment, and Easton infuses his songs with some serious, earthy goodness. Enjoy!

Notable Tracks: Find Your Way, Here for You, Jacqueline, Bangin’ Drum (Inside My Mind), What Will It Take?”
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