Snowglobe – “The Climb”

Album Reviews | Apr 24th, 2024

Snowglobe - "The Climb"
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Record Label: Nine Mile Records

“The Climb” starts out with an acknowledgment that it’s time to dust yourself off after the fall.

Opening salvo “Fuck It Up Now” reminds the listener that “here’s your chance to change,” as the vocals have it. “I Was a Lie” takes a different tack, with some hints of New Wave. “Need to Know” starts with an insistent piano riff that serves as the foundation for an intriguing song-story with electronically altered vocals serving as counterpoint to that driving piano. The track is pretty out there, but it’ll take you on a journey for sure. From there the EP gets decidedly more upbeat, with “Particles” a rather quirky party jam anthem, followed by the rather upbeat closer “Want You More,” which leaves the listener, well, wanting more.

This fun-filled “double” album provides a soundscape of influences and outputs from these talented Memphis songsters. May their next effort not be long in the gestation.

Notable Tracks: Fuck It Up Now, Need to Know, Want You More
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