Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup Collection

Book Reviews | Sep 20th, 2014

Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup Collection

Author: Jessica Rajs
Publisher: Schiffer
Genre: Photography
Pages: 432
Link: www.gorgeousandgory.com

You’ve heard of Suicide Girls, 50’s pinups and horror photography but have you ever heard of zombie pinups? No? Well the photography of Gorgeous & Gory has been doing this concept for awhile now.

The book has been in the works since 2010 and a lot of these photographs were taken from the calendars of Gorgeous & Gory. There is some photos that are new and exclusive for the book though. The photos feature models made up as classic pinup models from the ‘50s, in certain backdrops like bowling alleys, Victorian bedrooms, kitchens and many other styles. Oh yeah, the models are also look like hot flesh-eating zombies. My penis is so confused and kind of scared.

I already have weekly zombie nightmares so this book probably won’t help. Although if the zombies in my nightmares looked like these ladies, I’d probably be killed pretty quickly. Unlike such things like Suicide Girls that feature tattoo women nude, Gorgeous & gory isn’t always about that. There’s a few models topless but for the most part the zombie models are clothed, or dressed up like mermaids.

Photography-wise, the shots are done well. I think there’s a few post-production enhancements to them, at least that’s what it appears to me. I mean, unless you’re a great prop designer no one is going to have mermaid tails. The eyes and some of the areas around the models look enhanced a little too but nothing too extreme. It doesn’t hurt the photos is what I’m saying. Each section of the book features photos from the calendars, and then towards the back there’s a nice behind the scenes section. You see the models before they are zombified and all glammed up. Lots of outtakes and goofing around in that section as well.

Overall, the zombie pinup is a thing and people seem to enjoy it. I’m not a horror fan, I’m quite a wimp when it comes to those movies but I can tolerate The Walking Dead. The photos aren’t horribly gory so I can tolerate them as well. The beautiful models kind of helps things out with not taking this too seriously….despite them looking like zombies.

Bottom Line: Interesting zombie pinup photography and for fans of horror photography
Overall Rating:


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