Top 20 Funniest Fart Scenes in Movies

Articles | Oct 12th, 2007

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Best action movie, best villain, funniest comedy. These are some of the lists you might have already read. As of right now; I haven’t seen too many lists for the funniest fart scenes in a movie. Sure, farting is juvenile and immature but I’m sure you still giggle when someone rips one. I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 funniest fart scenes in movies. Some choices you may agree with but I’m sure there are plenty of scenes I didn’t include. Hey, there’s always another list!

1. Blazing Saddles – “Camp Fire Scene”

By far the funniest and most memorable fart scene in any movie! Even in ordinary life, when people are talking about gas, Blazing Saddles comes up. I know it does in my family! The scene you should all remember is when the cowboys are around the camp fire. They are all eating beans and one person burps, then someone farts. After one person burps and farts, it triggers a domino effect of flatulence. It’s just a classic scene! “How bout some more beans Mr. Taggert, I say you’ve had enough!”

2. The Hollywood Knights – “New Bomb Turk Sings ‘Volare'”

Most of you won’t even remember this movie. It starred Robert Wuhl, Tony Danza, Michelle Pfieffer and a bunch of other people you probably never heard of. It was supposed to take place in the 70s but came out in 1980. Robert Wuhl’s character New Bomb Turk is known for his farting & antics so he gets up in front of his high school pep rally and sings “Volare.” But Turk adds in some of his own “elements” to the song. You guessed it..Farting! If you don’t get a chance to see this movie, at least try to see this scene!

3. Dumb and Dumber – “Harry in the Bathroom/Lloyd Lights a Fire Fart”

Does farting and crapping on the toilet at the same time count? It’s technically a fart because there’s lots of noise. Either way, it’s quite funny! Harry is about to go on a date with Mary, but Lloyd spiked his drink with a laxative. So Harry makes his way to the bathroom and explodes with poo. Towards the end of the explosion, Harry lets out a little fart squeak. It just ends the scene perfectly. Another great fart scene is when Lloyd is day-dreaming of Mary and the scene is at a winter party. Lloyd decides to entertain the crowd by lifting his legs over his head and farting into a lighter. POOF!! The Farrelly Brothers certainly know how to direct a funny fart scene.

4. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut – “Terrence and Philip’s Asses of Fire”

South Park has had it’s fair share of fart jokes every once and awhile. South Park the movie had two memorable fart scenes for me. Kenny farting into a match and catching himself on fire. Then he dies and goes to Hell. What a way to go! The other is in the Terrence and Philip movie ‘Asses of Fire.’ The Canadian Duo tap dance, sing and fart their way through the streets and sing “Uncle Fucka.” Only Matt and Trey can make farting into a musical!

5. Last Action Hero – “Leo the Fart”

Who would have thought an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie would have gotten on this list. Last Action Hero had a nice blend of action & comedy and is a nice satirical movies that Arnold was in. But there’s one scene that always makes me laugh and that’s when Jack Slater is at the funeral for the mobster ‘Leo The Fart.’ The funeral is at the top of a hotel, and filled with mafia people. The bad guy, Vivaldi, plants a nerve gas bomb in the body so once he passes gas (which he did a lot before he died), he will kill everyone else around him. So Jack Slater pretends the guy is alive and gets him out of the funeral. The body and Slater fall into a tar pit, where Leo the Fart passes gas one last time. The result is a big air bubble from the tar pit. May not be as funny as other fart scenes but I just think it’s funny that a fart could be used as a bomb.

6. Spies Like Us – Chevy Chase Breaks Wind during a Government Exam”

Spies Like Us is one of my favorite comedies and one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Chevy Chase is trying to cheat on a Government exam. He comes into the exam without studying, and tries to scam his way through things. He tries to bribe the examiner, and then when that doesn’t work, its showtime. He tries to cheat by having a fake arm and eye patch with the answers on it. To break the cold silence when the test begins, Fitz-Hume lets out a loud fart. Every head in the room turns at him, and Fitz-Hume looks at another character like he did it. It’s just something subtle like that, that makes the scene hilarious to me.

7. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle – “Battle Shits”

This scene could be in the same category as the Dumb and Dumber scene. Both scenes involve farting and shitting at the same time. This scene is just too funny to not list. Harold and Kumar get stuck in the girls bathroom, and see two hot girls they were going to hook up with. The girls end up having to go to the bathroom..badly. They both decide to play an old camp game called “Battle Shits.” What follows is some of the funniest fart & shitting noises you’ll ever hear in a movie! “Damn, you sunk my Battle Shit!”

8. Click – “Sandler Farts on Hasslehoff”

I haven’t seen Click since I’m just sick of Adam Sandler movies but I did see this scene where Adam Sandler’s character is in his boss’ office. His boss happens to be David Hasselhoff and Sandler uses the remote to stop time. That’s when he has a little fun with his asshole boss. He slaps him around, punches him, and then sticks his big ass right in his face and let’s a big fart go. When time starts back up again, The Hoff wants to know why his mouth taste like shit. I think everyone wishes they could fart in the face of David Hasselhoff. I know I do.

9. Can’t Buy Me Love – “Seth Green gets Gassed Out”

Before Patrick Dempsey was McDreamy, he played a geek in a lot of 80’s movies. His little brother was an unrecognizable young Seth Green. His little brother liked to follow him around places. But every time he did that, he would regret it later. He tried to sneak around and see his older brother at a party and got a face full of gas from one of the jocks. And another time he sneaks into the back seat of the car, but gets gassed out of the the car when the very same jock farts into the car. Poor Seth Green.

10. Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach – “Lassard in the Elevator”

Police Academy movies have a lot of fart scenes in it but the one that was realistic enough was in Police Academy 5. Commandant Lassard is being held hostage, and being moved into a hotel room. On the way up with the kidnappers, one of the men farts really bad. A ‘Silent but Deadly’ if you will. Once everyone smells it, they all slowly start to move to the other side of the elevator as the guy who dealt it, denies he did it. It’s realistic to me because that’s what people usually do when someone rips one in a close spaced like that.

11. American Pie – “Shitbreak or Shitbrick?”

Sure, this is another poo scene but whatever, this is still funny. This scene is very similar to the ones in Dumb and Dumber and Harold & Kumar because it’s going to the bathroom really badly (and loudly), and getting caught for it. “Shitbreak,” as Finch is called, is tricked by Stifler and ends up geysering out of his ass in the girls’ bathroom. It’s bad enough having the girls hear it in the bathroom, but then Stifler has the whole hallway pointing & laughing at “Shitbreak.” I’ve had nightmares like this.

12. Mystery Men – “The Spleen”

Instead of having one scene dedicated to a fart, the whole movie of Mystery Men is one giant fart joke with the character “The Spleen.” Paul Reubens steals the movie with this weird character who can defeat his enemies with his gaseous body. Sometimes he might just blast people with his sonic ass or sometimes he might just gas them out with “SBDs.” Only if the movie was just about the Spleen, maybe the movie might have done better.

13. Naked Gun – “Microphoned Bathroom Break”

This Naked Gun scene is mostly known for Frank Drebin just peeing in the bathroom stall after a press conference. That would be the result of drinking too much water during the conference. Drebin excuses himself to use the bathroom, but he forgets to take the microphone off. The entire place can hear Frank Drebin peeing and singing in the John, and the end of it, he lets one rip. It was just a great ending to a hysterical scene.

14. Hot Shots Part Deux – “Presidential Gas Attack”

Usually these type of comedies have farting in it, but what makes this specific scene stand out is how it’s done. Lloyd Bridges is the President of the United States and is on a secret mission in Iraq. While scuba diving in the ocean, an Iraqi patrol boat rides over the swimmers. The President’s lunch kicks in, and he farts. The air bubbles travel from his butt all the way up, gassing out the entire ship. After that, the mission continues. I wish I can kill someone with my flatulence.

Brain Donors is an underrated goofy comedy with so many sight gags and jokes, you have to watch the movie over and over to see them all. The highlight of the movie is when the Three Stooges & Marx Brothers inspired characters decide to crash the ballet. The one fart scene at the end isn’t necessarily a real fart, but a simulated fart via a whoopie cushion. Volare is dancing and doing his thing, and the guys end up sticking a whooping cushion in his tights. What you get is a farting ballet dancer. Simple yet effective!

16. Nutty Professor – “Dinner at the Klumps”

Before Eddie Murphy ruined this movie with a god awful sequel, the highlight of the Nutty Professor was the dinner scene with the Klumps. Papa Klump started farting, and then his wife and his mother were arguing with him about it. Eventually he does it so much he needs to change his pants.

17. Caddyshack – “Step on a Duck?”

There are many scenes in Caddyshack that are memorable but there’s only one fart scene (If I remember correctly). Rodney Dangerfield was smoozing with a bunch of rich people during dinner. Then out of the blue, he just let’s one go and says “oh anyone step on a duck” and continues talking. I don’t think anyone else could pull that line off as well as Rodney did.

18. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – “Alotta Farting”

Not too many fart scenes show the true nature of farts in the water. Austin Powers gets so relaxed in the hot tub with the sexy Alotta Fagina, that he breaks wind before her. She’s not disgusted by it at all, in fact, she gets turned on by it! She’s a keeper!

19. Scary Movie 4 – “Blind Girl in the Wrong House”

There’s probably a fart scene in every Scary Movie but the most notable one I think is in the 4th one. Carmen Electra played a spoof on the blind girl from the Village. And while the local village is having a meeting, the blind girl thinks she’s in her own house. She decides to strip most of her clothing off and takes a squeaky, noisy dump. Little does she know that most of the village is there watching her.

20. The Heartbreak Kid – “Queef After Sex”

I’ll end this list with a brand new movie. The Heartbreak Kid is out now in theaters and most of you might not have seen it yet. I haven’t even seen it either but there’s a certain clip floating around the Internet now from the latest Ben Stiller comedy. After Ben Stiller’s character & wife just got done with sex, she excuses herself to the bathroom. Then you hear a loud fart sound but she quickly says “it’s not what you think it is.” He replies he didn’t hear anything. She then said, “I just queefed…big time!” If you don’t know what a queef is, it.

Honorable Mention:

Matrix – “Various Clips”
Someone decided to insert a bunch of fart noises into the Matrix and this video is probably one of the funniest things on the Internet! “You think that’s air your breathing?” Here’s the clip:


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