Lance Lopez – “Trouble Is Good”

Album Reviews | Jul 17th, 2023

Lance Lopez - "Trouble Is Good"
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Record Label: Cleopatra Records
Genre: Blues

It’s more Texas blues from Lance Lopez on “Trouble Is Good” (ain’t it always?).

“Easy to Leave” reminds me of early Guns N’ Roses if the sounds were super stripped down and raw—give it a listen and tell me what you think. “Jam With Me” is bluesy goodness at its finest, followed by the titular track, which commences with a few acoustic notes—before careening into electric—that will transport you down to the Delta. “Trouble Is Good” is what I like to refer to as “dirty blues,” given its subject matter and devil-may-care attitude; good times indeed! “Uncivil War” may be one of the angsty blues tunes you’re likely to take in this year.

The middle of the album is a bit same-y to my ears, but judge for yourself. Rather, keep an eagle ear out for “Trying in the Tri State,” which bears some of the marks of early-’90s metal—which is only natural given its forebears in the blues. There are a few more misses late in the album, but the final song “Voyager” takes listeners on a trippy journey through psychedelia; there’s nothing leading up to the closer that would lead us to expect this as Lopez’s sendoff, and thus he’s keeping us on our toes.

It’s hot and it’s summer, so grab a cold beer and run this disc at least five times in a row.

Notable Tracks: Jam With Me, Trying in the Tri State, Trouble Is Good, Easy to Leave
Overall Rating:


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