Mustard Plug – “Where Did All My Friends Go”

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2023

Mustard Plug - "Where Did All My Friends Go"
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Record Label: Bad Time Records
Genre: Ska
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The ska album of the year is here and it’s from Michigan’s Mustard Plug, who have been in the game for a very long time now. It’s their first album since 2014’s Can’t Contain It and I think it’s one of their best albums!

Their sound is still sharp and crisp, Dave and Colin’s vocals are still what they were many years ago and everything about this album is just awesome. The title track “Where Did All My Friends Go” starts the album off strong but I think my favorite song is “Vampire.” The music video featured the actress from the movie Renfield, which she namedrops Mustard Plug, Fishbone and Voodoo Glow Skulls. It’s just a perfect song to release now around the spooky season.

“Fall Apart” is another stellar tune, as well as “Doin’ What We Do.” I can’t wait to hear some of these songs live. I know I probably bring this up every review but I find it funny that Dave and Colin’s vocals are so similar. I guess it’s why Mustard Plug has been so great over the years. The horn section hasn’t sounded tighter, and it’s remarkable the core members of this band have stayed together over the years.

“All That’s Left Behind” is an interesting song, with vocals that reminds me of some goth band. Goth ska? Bauhauska? I like that the band is trying to switch it up and try new things. “Which Way Is Up” is an upbeat tune sung by Colin, with some cool keyboards added in for good measure.

Where did All My Friends Go is near the top of the list for me for Mustard Plug’s discography. The album is just fun from beginning to end.

Bottom Line: The best ska album of the year!
Notable Tracks: Vampire, Fall Apart, Doin’ What We Do, Why Does It Have To Be So Hard, All That’s Left Behind, Which Way Is Up
Overall Rating:


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