National Lampoon’s European Vacation

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Probably considered the worst Vacation movie for some reason. I still like this movie and decided to buy it. For several reasons, 1) German Girl 2) “Looks kids, Big Ben, Parliament” 3)Clark fighting the Germans. It had it’s moments but from seeing this again, I think we can all agree that the kids in this one blew. Especially that fat girl who played Audrey. UGH! I shouldn’t say mean things about her though since she’s dead. Probably another negative about this film was no nudity from Beverly D’Angelo. I’m sure that disappointed people. I think towards the end of the movie is gets bizarre with the Italian robber guys. Gimme a break “Sparky!” About the technical nonsense, there isn’t too much to say about this. I believe this is one of the first Vacation movies that’s in widescreen, well maybe Vegas Vacation but I didn’t get that one so whatever. There’s also a full length commentary by Clark W Griswold himself, Chevy Chase. I heard bits and pieces of it and it sounded interesting and funny so next time I view the film, I’ll have to listen. I never really listen to commentaries for some reason. Probably the one I did was so Sleepy Hollow and that’s because Tim Burton is a wacko and prob. had something good to say. ANYWAY, if you like this film, and many don’t, then get this DVD. I still laugh at it.

Feature-Length Commentary by Chevy Chase
Interactive Menus
Theatrical Trailer
Scene Access

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono CC
FRENCH: Dolby Digital Mono


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Favorite Scenes: “Wreckful Driving,” “Punch Polka”
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