Kicked In The Head @ Bill’s Bar, Boston, MA

Live Reviews | Jun 18th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Rx Bandits, The Gadjits, Edna’s Goldfish
Date: June 18th, 2000
Venue: Bill’s Bar, Boston MA

Well, my friend’s and I trucked up to Boston again from CT for a definately worthwhile show. 4 kickass bands, and not a single thing went wrong for once.

First on was Rx Bandits, and they rocked the house. Coming from CA, on Drivethru Records, Rx Bandits are an amazing Ska/Punk band that I’ve been listening to recently, thanks to an introduction from my friend Jeff to them. I never expected their live act to be so amazing, especially their trombone player. Man, he is so filled with energy, I thought he was going to explode…

Next up were The Gadjits. They were a good ska band, but not my stlye of music. The lead guitarist broke 3 strings I believe, but it may have been 4 strings. (I can’t really remember, it was just so ironically stupid.) Sorry I can’t say too much about them either good or bad, but The Gadjits just didn’t impact upon me at all.

After The Gadjits performed, Edna’s Goldfish came on. Also, they had The Gadjits lead singer/guitarist up on stage with them to play a bunch of their songs. As usual, EG played a great set, and even though I’ve somehow managed to see them around 6 times in the past 5 months or so, I still enjoyed seeing them one more time. And last of all, Kicked In The Head. What’s there to say about a band that dominates, no matter how often I see them play? I’ve heard most of their new stuff so far, but they debuted a song called “Lost Cause” which was absolutely awesome. KITH is getting more hardcore I believe with their music, but it’s a change that I think is for the better. Matt Rositano dedicated this show to his father, who unfortunately recently died. A lot of emotion, a ton of great music, and a great band ended this show up in Boston. On a final note, my friend Chris is WAY too obnoxious in a car ride… Never take this idiot anywhere unless you want to be driven insane. (Though he will keep you awake, I promise.)


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