Lost City Angels Locks Into Tiger Army Tour Return Trip East Following Catch 22 Date

Music News | Feb 20th, 2005

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Boston, MA – Immediately following their dates with New Jersey hardcore veterans Catch 22 which drops them off in the Southwest, LOST CITY ANGELS will be jumping onto the Tiger Army tour starting March 31st at the Ventura Theater (Ventura, CA) and marching their way back East to Axis in their hometown of Boston. “We’re really pumped to go out with Tiger Army,” said vocalist Ron Ragona. “I personally am a fan of what they do. We’ve set it off with them a few times on the road and can’t wait to do it again – night after night, town after town. Lock up your daughters!”

Broken World, their first album for Stay Gold (second altogether), is set for release on April 5, 2005. Produced, mixed and engineered by the legendary team of Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie (The Pixies, Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr.), Broken World packs the energy of a Mack Truck and condenses it into 13 tracks of dark, anthemic, heartfelt punk rock.

Lost City Angels have been building a huge underground buzz in the hardcore punk world in the last few years. With the massive support of such luminaries as Social Distortion, Agnostic Front and Dropkick Murphys, they’ve managed to cultivate a following that consistently sells out venues, including their recent Valentine’s Day Massacre show at Boston’s Middle East on February 13, 2005. “That show was massive,” adds drummer Adam Shaw. “It was wall-to-wall kids and it was an awesome way to kick off Broken World.”

Gearing up for nearly two months on the road (not to mention revving up for WARPED 05), in the midst of which they will be releasing their album, Lost City Angels are ready to bust this album wide open. “Let me put it this way,” explains Ron. “My hands are down my pants right now just thinking about it.”