Glimpse Trio – “1985”

Album Reviews | Jan 11th, 2012

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Metal
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Glimpse Trio play garagey metal with, as you can tell from the “Trio” in the name, a prominently jazzy approach. From the funky bass acrobatics, it’s clear that trios like Primus and Rush are big influences. The guitar work, with its speedy arpeggios, bring to mind the fusion jazz genius of Charlie Hunter, as well as a zany Frank Zappa quality, especially when the melodies and drumming match up in a stop-and-go off-rhythm. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guitarist has Hot Rats and Joe’s Garage in his collection.

The metal-jazz tracks are usually instrumental. The vocals, which aren’t bad, kick in on a number of slow songs. These tunes range from 1950s crooning (“2060”) to shoegaze indie with alt-country twang (“Filter”). In a way, I prefer the ballads as they exhibit more songwriting talent than the garage-metal, which – while technically interesting – sounds awfully like a high school-aged band noodling around in someone’s basement.

Bottom Line: Wanky metal-jazz with a Zappa/Primus feel.
Notable Tracks: Filter
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