Ladybirds – “Shimmy Shimmy Dang!”

Album Reviews | By on Jul 23rd, 2012

Record Label: Departure Records
Genre: Rockabilly/Garage
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Excellent, pitch-perfect retro rock n’ roll from Louisville, KY. Like a one-stop shop for antique rock, Ladybirds perfectly emulate rollicking, rockabilly-ish 50s rock (most of the tracks), 60s girl-group bubblegum (“Hum De Dum”), psychedelic rock (“Jack in the Box”), and space-age surf (“Shallow Orbit”).

Frontwoman Sarah Teeple is wonderful. She’s more sweet than sassy; while other retro singers (Josie Kreuzer, Kim Lenz, etc.) oscillate between broken heart and breaker of hearts, Teeple sounds like she’s singing through a smile.

Bottom Line: Feel-good retro rock.
Notable Tracks: Shimmy Shimmy Dang!, She’s Alright, I’m Gonna Scream
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