Less Than Jake “Borders and Boundaries”

Album Reviews | By on Aug 4th, 2000

Record Label: Fat Wreck Cords
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One of the most popular ska-punk bands is back with there 6th full length, and man, I love this album. The band is tighter than ever, with the vocals strong and the horn section playing just when it’s appropriate. The band has ditched most of the “Ska” label and headed with a more poppy-punk direction. Personally, I never thought them as a ska band and they are just getting better ever time they release an album. With bigger tours, including Bon Jovi, the band will only continue to build that already-large fan base. There are plenty of awesome songs on here including “Gainesville Rock City,” “Suburban Myth,” “Mr. Chevy Celebrity.” Dammit, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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